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Grow your network as you help others grow.

As a Member Leader, you bring together the influencers, tastemakers, and innovators of Rolling Stone Culture Council to share ideas and experiences, so that you can strengthen your networks and grow your careers and companies.
Lead a Group

Groups are sub-communities where you connect around a shared interest or goal.

Guide the Conversation

You can discuss issues you care about inside the platform and at events.

Give and Get Answers

When your members support each other, you can create immense mutual value.


Foster an Active Group

  • Spend at least 5 hours per month engaging with members of your Group.
  • Pose conversation starters weekly. 
  • Answer member posts and tag others to contribute.
  • Seek opportunities to introduce peers and welcome new members.
  • Optionally, host events virtually or in-person. (We recommend a quarterly cadence.)

Maintain a Positive, Respectful Vibe

  • Steer off-topic conversations back on course.
  • Flag inappropriate language and solicitations.
  • Represent Rolling Stone Culture Council in a positive, appropriate manner.

Help Us Improve

  • Attend at least two Member Leader meetups per year.
  • Provide feedback and learn from fellow leaders.

Serve for One Year

  • Enjoying the role? You'll have an opportunity to extend your term.
  • If your Group is inactive for 60+ days, we may ask you to step down so another has an opportunity to lead.
Apply to be a Member Leader


  • Recognition as the Member Leader in your Group and in member communications.
  • Official badging for your email signature and social media.
  • Staff support for marketing your qualifying virtual, hybrid or in-person events.
  • Exclusive Member Leader communications with helpful data, best practices and advance notice of events.
  • Access to special features. For example, you might work with our staff to create personalized and exclusive Expert Panels for your Group.

How to Get Started

Develop Your Group Idea

Who should join and what will you achieve together?

Submit Your Application

It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the short form.

Launch Your Group

If selected, you'll get support as you prepare and begin.

Apply to be a Member Leader

Questions? Please contact John-Mark Davidson at