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Aili McGill

Executive Director

Nickel Plate Arts


I am the director for this new, wonderful arts organization that is working to promote arts and cultural efforts in six communities in Central Indiana. I collaborate with artists, community members, and other key constituents to ensure that there are always multiple, low-barrier ways to engage with the arts in these six towns! Specialties: I specialize in organizational leadership and change management. In regards to my Museum Studies degree, I have extensive expertise in staff management, museum theater and 1st-person historical interpretation, as well as conducting and applying guest research to new and existing experiences. I also have a strong background in improvisational theater and organic gardening. Finally, I am an experienced illustrator and am currently working on an exciting project that I plan to launch in late 2016 or early 2017.


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Nickel Plate Arts

Nickel Plate Arts is an art center created by the Hamilton County Convention and Visitors Bureau that supports, promotes and provides outstanding arts experiences in six communities along the Nickel Plate Railroad in Hamilton County. We offer great experiences for art lovers, artists, students and corporate partners who care about the arts! Our main campus is located in downtown Noblesville at 107 S 8th Street. Nickel Plate Arts invites you to start your adventure here at the main campus and learn about the art class offerings, visit the gallery, meet artists in their studios, and discover art-based activities happening regularly. Then explore art events taking place in Fishers, Noblesville, Cicero, Atlanta, Arcadia and Tipton, too.


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