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Ali Adab

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Ali Adab is the co-founder of Fetti and Chief Content Officer at SoleSavy. At the advent of the creator economy, he oversaw the world’s largest creator network and has built, led and grown ventures at the intersection of entertainment and technology for two decades.


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February 15th, 2023

What MrBeast’s Billionaire Aspirations Mean For The Creator Economy’s Middle Class

With almost half of content creators earning money—six times more than the US minimum wage—the middle class of content creators is quickly emerging.

November 16th, 2022

The NFT Bubble Has Burst, but the Value For Creators Is Just Heating Up

The start of the NFT craze was primarily driven by the novel discovery that digital assets could be scarce.



Fetti works with some of the world’s most well known creators, artists, athletes, and partners with leading platforms to tokenize their communities. Fetti believes that decentralized token economies are the future of direct-to-fan interactions and are leading the path to help creators understand how to leverage blockchain technology.