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Lifelong creator dedicated to helping others make a living by making stuff online. CEO of Multitude, a podcast collective and consultancy.

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10 Ways Small Businesses Can Become Valued Pillars of Their Communities

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Your local community can support you in more ways than one — as long as you support them too. Especially for small businesses, embracing your local community can be vital to your ongoing success. Your local community members not only make up the large portion of your customers — if not all of them — but they also can act as key support when times are tough and help  ensure a thriving local market of small businesses, entrepreneurs and community organizations.  But to fully immerse yourself into your community, you’ll need to ensure your efforts are thoughtful and well-planned-out. For guidance, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their tips for how any business can become a valued, trusted pillar of their surrounding community and why doing so is so important.

12 Tips for Scaling Up in a Niche Market

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Carving out your niche is only the first step in launching a successful business. Business leaders who want to scale in a niche market have a unique opportunity. Niche markets often mean less competition, but the businesses that do exist may be tougher to compete against. To help ensure success when scaling up, businesses should take certain steps to set themselves up with the best odds, whether that's by analyzing market trends first or by taking the time to develop a distinct brand identity. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share this advice and more to help business leaders looking to grow in their niche.

Why I Believe You Can't Pivot Podcasts to Video


Podcasts aren’t just videos without a camera budget.

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Multitude is a podcast company made up of passionate people creating shows you can count on. Since 2017, our shows have tens of millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of people who love them (and more than a few logo tattoos). Alongside the 10 member shows we produce from our studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we teach people and companies how to build shows that communities gather around. Multitude currently supports 25 independent creators in making a living, and we are constantly adding to that number.



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