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Andrew Rossow

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The Guardian Project

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Andrew Rossow is a licensed attorney, adjunct law professor, journalist, and anti-bullying activist. He is the CEO and President of AR Media Consulting and the co-founder of The Guardian Project, alongside TV actor, Mark Pellegrino (13 Reasons Why, Supernatural, Lost, Dexter). Rossow found his way to success at 26-years-old after a legal thesis went viral on the legalities mobile AR gaming, like Pokemon Go, has on the average user. He has since written for notable outlets, including, but not limited to HuffPost, Forbes, Bloomberg Live, and The Today Show. He created the #CYBERBYTE Movement, a PSA movement where Hollywood and Silicon Valley join together to spread awareness within their own fan-based communities on how to practice better digital hygiene. He has appeared regularly on CHEDDAR TV, ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC affiliate networks throughout the U.S. He teaches Cyberspace Law at his alma mater, The University of Dayton School of Law, exploring the latest trends involving law, media, cannabis, and blockchain. He regularly writes on cannabis and blockchain, and how technology can help create a healthy and efficient cannabis space. He also works with Jason Gann, creator and producer of the FX tv series, Wilfred. Rossow is also a sexual assault survivor, helping to educate and spread awareness on sexual assault, providing platforms for victims to safely and comfortably share their stories. He serves as an Advisor of the Pop Culture Hero Coalition.


  • Intellectual Property
  • Cyberspace Law
  • Criminal Defense


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The Guardian Project

The Guardian Project is a multi-tiered attack on the epidemic problem of online bullying and viral defamation that takes place through libel and slander, created by TV star, Mark Pellegrino (13 Reasons Why, Supernatural, Dexter, Lost) and internet attorney and Hollywood media consultant, Andrew Rossow, with the help of writer, director, and producer, Brian A. Metcalf ('Adverse' film).


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