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Young entrepreneur disrupting the world of technology. Innovator. Growth hacker.

Published content

Crossover Success: Versatility as the Key to Innovation for Indie Artists


Success demands more than dedication: vision, versatility and the audacity to believe you can be the best — and then prove it.

The Global Beat: The Rise of Multicultural Musical Mavins


In the evolving tapestry of modern music, the distinctions between genres are blurring as artists craft an interconnected world of sound.

A Lesson on Eastern Fandom for Western Advertisers: The Case of Yonezu-Miyazaki


By adopting a model that integrates the Eastern philosophy of tangible loyalty, the Western music industry can create a deeper bond between artists and fans.

A New Era of Music Marketing: A Puzzle or a Path?


There are four areas of leverage artists should focus on when trying to put their music forward in the industry.

Powering More Ad Tech: Music Industry AI Disrupting Multi-Billion Dollar Markets


The crossover between music and the music business stands as the most significant tell-tales of a creative entrepreneur's capacity for growth.

The Art of Collabs and Strategic Releases in the Music Industry


Don’t be afraid or greedy to share the spotlight. If your music can make more people happy, what are you waiting for?

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MPT Agency

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MPT Agency: The only all-round digital music agency for artists , labels and everyone in between. Mad geniuses for a better tomorrow, sticking side by side with creators, making sure their narratives stay razor sharp. Our plan? Leveraging Web2 Web3 markets, ETH networks and BTC backed value to usher the new dawn for recording artists. We're here to warp the space ahead to keep artists ahead of the curve, from news wires to public feeds, MPT Agency strikes when it counts and where it hurts.



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