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In just a few short years, creative visionary Antwanette McLaughlin has built a reputation for her company, The Spice Group, as the go-to agency for avant-garde creative solutions, having provided video, event and campaign production services to clients including Future, Nicki Minaj, T.I., Jeezy, PUMA, Property Brothers, Red Bull, Delta Airlines, AT&T and more. The company, which Antwanette founded when she was unable to find a corporate position that fit her, embodies its founder’s maverick attitude and dedication to creating one-of-a-kind experiences that make just as much of an impression on the clients as it does on their consumers. Spring 2018, Antwanette made the decision to add a new division focusing on large-scale experiential event production. Within that year of starting the new addition, Antwanette and The Spice Group have produced two of the biggest urban experiential art pop-ups in Atlanta: 21 Savage’s Motel 21 activation, which reimagined each song from the rapper’s album I Am > I Was as an interactive motel room; and the Trap Music Museum which has evolved from a pop-up experience celebrating trap music to a permanent fixture and Atlanta’s newest tourist attraction. Personal Note: I love what I do and I'm beyond blessed to use my natural born talents to make a living, inspire those that don't believe its possible, create jobs for hundreds and lastly take my clients vision and turn it into reality. #producermagic I'm always looking for opportunities to build, grow my talents, and learn from others so please reach out to me and let's connect! iListen. Understand. Create. Execute.

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