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Ashley Deese is a three-time Webby Award-honored digital media producer named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and a founding Rolling Stone Culture Council member. Deese founded the science and nature media start-up, Naturalist's Guide. Naturalist’s Guide seeks to explain the natural world through ancient philosophy, cultural beliefs, and modern science. Deese is a voting member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. She has a certificate in entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School, earned her BS in Biology from Methodist University, and a MA in Interactive Media from Elon University. Follow @NaturalistsGuide /

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11 Low-Cost Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining New Customers

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From building key relationships to traditional marketing strategies, there are many low-cost ways to attract new customers. In today's highly competitive market, acquiring and retaining new customers is a top priority for any business. However, many businesses struggle with the costs associated with marketing and advertising efforts to attract new customers. Fortunately, there are low-cost strategies businesses can implement to acquire and retain new customers without breaking the bank. These strategies not only help businesses save money, but they are also highly effective in building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement and driving sales. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share 11 low-cost strategies any business can implement to acquire and retain new customers.

Got a Negative Customer Review? 11 Steps to Take Next

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The way you respond to an online complaint can make or break your brand, so it's important to have a solid response strategy. Building an online presence across multiple social media platforms, websites and search engines is essential for any modern business. However, being a part of the digital realm also opens you up to online complaints from unhappy customers. It can be difficult to know how to handle a negative review in any environment, but with the added visibility online reviews have, the response you give will ultimately weaken or strengthen your reputation. To turn negative feedback into a positive brand experience, follow these tips from the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Below, they discuss what businesses should do when they find themselves on the receiving end of an online complaint.

Understanding the Basic Building Blocks of the Metaverse


The metaverse is composed of extended reality (XR) experiences.

11 Cultural Developments These Entrepreneurs Are Excited to See Realized in 2022

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The new year has the potential to spark major innovation across various industries. Regardless of a business’s particular niche or industry, there are always exciting developments, innovations or trends on the horizon. As the new year brings a fresh new start, it also brings with it the anticipation many entrepreneurs feel as they look forward to the ideas they hope will become reality in the coming months ahead. The business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council are no exception to the excitement, and below they each share one development or innovation they’re hoping to see come to fruition in their respective industries in 2022.

Nine Pandemic-Era E-Commerce Trends That Need to Stick Around a Bit Longer

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These popular trends may have enough staying power to last well into the future. While the Covid-19 pandemic has had its fair share of negative effects, it has also been responsible for a number of positive cultural shifts, especially in the e-commerce space. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing forced consumers online and caused companies to pivot, adapt or fail — and that meant major digital changes were made to the traditional shopping experience.  But while many business owners (and customers) are ready to get back to normal, nine leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council list some of the pandemic-era e-commerce trends they think will stick around for the foreseeable future and why they’ve been such valuable changes to the retail status quo.

10 Simple Steps Toward Delivering a More Convenient Customer Experience

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Offering a top-notch customer experience is more important than ever, but you need the right strategies first. When designing a better customer experience, many organizations today are focusing on convenience. Whether it’s companies finding inventive ways to deliver their products or working to make their customers’ lives easier, convenience has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.  But to make sure you’re delivering the best overall experience, you’ll need to start with a few simple steps. Below, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council members each shared one thing leaders can do to maximize convenience and create more happy customers.

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Naturalist’s Guide seeks to explain the natural world through ancient philosophy, cultural beliefs, and modern science.