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Rolling Stone magazine has been my creative inspiration go-to for over 25 years so it's like a dream to be a part of the RSCC. My passion is helping others to step into the power of their own creative talents and embrace their intuitive knowing. In my off-work time, I enjoy cultivating beauty through music, painting, dance and time spent outdoors. I'm considering getting another dog and want to attract a wonderful partner to spend the rest of my life with. Life is magical - and I'm a person who feels it is better shared.

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Stop the Scroll: 12 Tips to Make Attention-Grabbing Videos

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The key to making your business stand out lies in how well you know your viewers. Whether you’re creating a video ad or an educational "how-to" video for your business, there are just some creative tactics that seem to lend themselves well to the video format. Taking advantage of these tactics is critical in an age where getting someone to stop scrolling through their social media feed is key to getting your business noticed. So what can you do to stop the scroll? Here, 12 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss their best tips for creating something that will make viewers stop scrolling, engage with your video and, ultimately, become a patron of your brand.

Eight Tips for Marketing Your Business During the Holiday Season

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Try out one of these expert-recommended tips for a more successful end of year. The holidays is arguably the most fast-paced season of the year for businesses, as customers are focused on getting great deals and finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones. For business leaders, it’s the perfect time to try to slow down and connect with customers on a different level — as well as remind them why they love your products or services.  Because determining how best to market your business during the holidays can require a little more creativity than perhaps other times of the year, eight members of Rolling Stone Culture Council chime in with their advice below. Consider implementing some of the following initiatives these business leaders found success with or use their ideas to inspire some holiday cheer of your own.

11 Ways These Entrepreneurs Are Encouraging More Diversity in Their Industries

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Diversity isn't always visible, but the way you support it should be. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has always been a topic of concern in the world of work, but it has recently become a major priority for many organizations, with about 79% of them stating they’re planning to dedicate more of their budgets to DEI efforts in 2022. However, it’s likely that these companies will approach DEI in different ways. There are a myriad of ways to support diversity, equity and inclusion in business — especially as a business leader. To help give you some ideas of where you can start, 11 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share the ways in which they’re working to create and encourage more diversity in their particular business niche or industry and why that’s so important to do.

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Your branding and marketing will succeed - wildly - when you exercise high levels of discernment. Discernment requires deeply knowing who you are and what you are a stand for. Using biometric data tools, including human design and scientific hand analysis, we help you discover, define and express your unique purpose in the world with devotion and integrity. We implement shamanic tools, including meditation, breathwork, movement, and retreats on sacred land to help you embody your divine spark here on Mother Earth. Please book a complimentary breakthrough session with me and we'll dismantle your frustration, discover the #1 thing holding you back from fulfilling your purpose and determine at least one step you can take immediately to move your life movie script forward into a future you are excited to inhabit. BOOK HERE:



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