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Meet Blake, a culinary virtuoso with a remarkable journey through the world of food. With an impressive background as a former private chef, culinary instructor, and the esteemed author of a James Beard award-winning cookbook, his passion for gastronomy has always been evident. However, it was during a global pandemic and the arrival of not one, but two sets of twins - that the true magic in the kitchen took place. Countless days confined at home with their two energetic 3-year-olds and two newborns provided Blake and his wife the opportunity to explore and experiment relentlessly in the kitchen Amidst these culinary adventures, the couple had a groundbreaking moment - the creation of a legendary brownie that would redefine indulgence. The classic brownie was masterfully transformed into an allergen-friendly (Gluten free/Vegan) delight that surpassed even the most beloved traditional recipes. The dedication and love poured into perfecting this confection culminated in a taste so extraordinary that it challenged anyone to notice the difference. Drawing from their expertise and passion, Blake and Teresa founded Small Batch Foods, an ambitious food company on the fast track to success. Their vision is to share this exceptional brownie, the one brownie to rule them all, with the world. As they continue to grow and evolve, their relentless pursuit of culinary excellence remains the driving force behind their mission. In the ever-evolving world of food, Blake stands as an inspiration to chefs, food enthusiasts, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, proving that the most unexpected circumstances can lead to the most extraordinary innovations. With a heartwarming story and an unrivaled passion for creating delectable experiences, Blake and Small Batch Foods are destined to leave a lasting mark on the world of gourmet treats.

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Small Batch Foods

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Small Batch Foods was born out of our family kitchen long before we knew it was a business. These chef-crafted recipes were adapted from our daily needs in life while raising two sets of twins, not from mass-market recipes created in a food lab. We create original meals and snacks using the highest quality ingredients and boldest flavors for people seeking convenient options in their busy lives. Chef-dad crafted. Boss-mom approved.


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