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Brian Chin

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p3 Maine

Portland, Maine Area

Brian is a commercial film director and co-founding partner of a creative video agency in Portland, ME. In addition to his professional work, he volunteers as Board Chair of a youth-development nonprofit organization, serves on a development committee for the Portland Museum of Art, and volunteers sharpening knives at the local soup kitchen. Brian is generous with his time and effort, and is passionate about helping the community through his experience in: organizational governance, business development, technology, and of course creative production. Brian's hobbies include furnituremaking, cooking, and outdoor activities with his wife, Kerrie.


  • Creative Direction
  • Video Production
  • Leadership


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p3 Maine

p3 is that little sliver of goodness when you cross a video production company with a creative agency. Born in 2011. Evolving ever since. p3 is a collaborative video agency that thinks like strategists and creatives, and executes like a video production company. All with a singular goal to create content people want to watch. Content that cuts through the clutter to elicit emotion and inspire action.


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