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BAH Productions Inc.- Event Production

California / 1-917-647-7621 / Named in 2021 BizBash's top 500 event professionals in the US. Currently operating out NY, CA, and Baja California Mexico. We work all over the country so just let us know what and where and we will be there to support your vision. Brooksie Hughes has worked in event production for over 25 years. Her approach to her career has lead to a unique skill set that enables her to produce just about any type of event. She and her team have produced events such as music festivals, band tours, city celebrations, theatrical events, corporate events, entertainment, multi-staged / venue events, social events, political, high end private events, public spectacles, parades, food & wine events and on! She has sound experience working with political figures & celebrity artists so can handle anything from the secret service to tough as nails tour managers. Brooksie's strength is in collaborative development of ideas and executing them through a well-managed design and production team. She is known and respected for her ability to form teams that are creative, diverse, professional, and are all around good natured and ready to do what it takes to bring life to her clients vision. Her passion for flawless execution of well designed events in unmatched! Brooksie also works as a Public Space Strategist and Placemaking Consultant. As part of this work over the past 18+ years, she has developed events programs, production feasibility studies, consulted on public space design and infrastructure, developed management & operations guidelines, developed budgets ad funding guidelines, and provided overall project management for the activation program. She has extensive experience in working with high level city and government officials, stakeholders, developers, architects, business improvement districts, community boards, and parks and waterfront agencies. Events , Festivals, Corporate Galas, Award shows, Public Space Activation, Parties, Gatherings, Grand Openings


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BAH Productions Inc.- Event Production

We are a full service event production company serving all areas of the US and abroad for more than 20 years. We specialize in the one of a kind special events that most say "oh that can't be done". From exclusive dinners to parades and all in between, we bring expert design and execution to everything we do. And from headline artist to political leaders, we are able to balance all sorts of onsite personalities in order to bring the best show and experience for our audiences. We have a network of artists, designers, technical directors, engineers, producers, production managers, etc. who have been with us for decades and are what set us apart from the average event planner. We create experiences no matter the need of the client and have an impressive and varied portfolio of all different types. As a result of understand how to create something in the middle of now where, we began consulting with city planners/developers on the public space aspects of new development and/or revitalization of areas such as waterfronts, parks, inner city plazas, etc. Our work in the Placemaking field has been so rewarding and we look to include at lease one project a year in this area. As the end user to these spaces, we are able to bring real boots on the ground perspective to the architects and developers about what is needed to program and manage a pubic space/amenity successfully.


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  • Urban Planning for Public Realm