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Carlos is the CEO of Mishu Music, the producers of Isle of Light Music Fest in Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep. and House of Creatives Music Fest in Miami, FL, as well as other music properties of live events across both markets. With a personal mission to help elevate the Indie-Latin market and connect Latinx artists to the Miami and Dominican audiences, Mishu wears the "Agent of Culture" badge with the highest honor. Amidst the pandemic, he refocused the company's attention to creating the first indie/alt radio show and online station in Santo Domingo, Radio Bizarro, which mixes a 50/50 English/Spanish indie curation and concentrates on exposing the emerging indie artists to the market. Already with a feature article on, Bizarro has captured exclusive interviews with The Rapture, Rhye, Nanpa Basico, Little Jesus, and many more artists.

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Mishu Music

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Mishu is a live event production company with Music Festival and Concert Series properties in the Miami and Santo Domingo markets. Most recently launched Radio Bizarro, the only indie/alt radio station focused on bridging the anglo and latinx indie artists with Dominican music lovers. Isle of Light is the only Indie Music Festival in the Dominican Republic, bringing world-class artists such as Gwen Stefani, Chromeo, Bad Bunny, Run the Jewels, Bomba Estereo, Washed Out and many others to the Caribbean island. House of Creatives Music + Arts Festival saw headliners M.I.A., Foster the People, MGMT, Alt-J, and Flaming Lips, among other amazing live acts, light up the beach parks of Miami, FL (North Shore and Virginia Key).



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