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CEO of, a socially conscious and eco friendly lingerie brand. The original creators of seven shades of nude skin tones for underwear.

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15 Culture Leaders Share Their Tips for Developing a Great Business Concept

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Coming up with an idea can be challenging, but following the right steps can get you there faster. For many people, the hardest part of starting a business is coming up with a concept. No matter how many ideas you might have on the back burner, choosing the right one to execute can feel intimidating. This is especially true in the culture space, where the stakes are high and audiences are always looking for "the next big thing." Below, 15 Rolling Stone Culture Council members shared some important tips to help you come up with a business idea you think will have a big cultural impact. Read on to get their recommendations and learn how to implement them for yourself.

13 Ways to Inspire Your Team to Do Their Best Work (Even in a Remote Environment)

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New ways of working require more thoughtful leadership. As more and more businesses make what was once a temporary virtual working environment a permanent solution, some leaders are struggling to inspire their teams to perform. Zoom fatigue and a lack of in-person connection present difficult hurdles, and motivation can seem like it’s at an all-time low. For insight on how to inspire a team to do their best work, 13 experts from Rolling Stone Culture Council each shared one motivational strategy that any company leader can use to get their employees feeling and working their best.

Working With an Influencer? Get Alignment With These Eight Strategies

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Brand alignment is key in working with influencers. When marketing your business or product, it’s often beneficial to work with an influencer in the industry. However, approaching a celebrity or influencer about endorsing your product or service can be intimidating, and you’ll want to have a solid pitch prepared. To make your offer as persuasive as possible, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council suggest using these eight effective strategies to approach your selected influencer and convince them to come on board.

12 Busy Leaders Share How to Balance a Hectic Work Schedule With Living Life Well

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Succeeding in business doesn’t have to mean all work and no play. If you’re a leader in the culture space, your work likely isn’t confined to the usual 9-to-5 schedule. Industries such as entertainment, fashion and hospitality often lend themselves to hectic or unpredictable work schedules. As a result, it can be difficult to balance your personal life with the demands of your career. As top culture leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council recommend the strategies they use to achieve better work-life balance and carve out time for what truly matters to them.

13 Steps All Business Leaders Can Take to Create Inclusive Spaces for Their Customers

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These universal strategies will go a long way toward showing your customers you care. In today’s cultural climate, every business should be focused on creating an inclusive space for not only its employees, but also its consumers. At a time when social justice and equity are in the spotlight, companies need to show that they stand with customers from all walks of life. While the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts may look different across culture and entertainment spaces, there are some universal practices any company can and should implement. Below, 13 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share the important strategies they believe all business leaders need to put into practice.

10 Networking Strategies for Innovators Who Want to Reach the Best of the Best

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As an innovator, you’re probably looking to rise to the top of your chosen industry. Networking with other top industry leaders is one strategy that can help you get there. The potential for new business opportunities from having a strong network is practically limitless; however, the days of handing out business cards are over. To shed some light on how the pros do it, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council leaders share their best networking tips for how to build better relationships and connect with the cream of the crop.

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Meet Naja, the radically different, thoughtful lingerie brand that was created for smart, funny, courageous and sexy women. Everything about us—from our fresh designs, our mission to empower women, and our ethical and environmentally friendly sourcing—is challenging the status quo in an industry that hasn’t changed much since the 1970’s. We're breaking down inefficient supply chains to create a fast fashion brand that does good for the world. Think Zara meets Patagonia. Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles? Check. Lingerie worthy of the Paris runway? Check. Empowering women around the world? Check. Join us. It's time someone did things differently. Naja is backed by notable Silicon Valley and New York technology angel investors including Tim Draper, Joanne Wilson, Susan Lyne (former CEO of Martha Stewart Living), Mindy Grossman (CEO of HSN), John Pound (former Board Director of Gymboree), Maveron, and Andrew Mitchell.



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