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World-aware traveler attuned to local nuance across diverse cultures, and connecting emotionally with disparate audiences through Marketing, Comms and Creative. Entertainment (Music)> Tech> Fashion (Luxury)> Entertainment (Film/ TV)> Tech- MR + Consumer Insights Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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10 Tips for Business Leaders Looking to Nail Their Next Interview

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If you’re feeling nervous about a media appearance, consider these tips to help you prepare. Not all business leaders are natural speakers, but they often need to promote their businesses on TV, the radio, podcasts or other media channels. For the inexperienced speaker, this can be a terrifying prospect. After all, the impression you make as a leader will be the first impression many viewers or listeners have of your business. As experienced business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have a few tips to share that can help you prepare for your first media appearance. Follow one or more of their suggestions to not only nail your interview but impress potential customers as well.

10 Effective Ways to Build Buzz Around Your Business

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If you want your business to go viral, then apply these tips to go the extra mile. Whether it’s “going viral” or becoming “the talk of the town,” generating buzz around your business is essential if you want to grow your audience and, consequently, your bottom line. General marketing efforts are a good start; however, you'll need to do more to make a big name for your business. According to the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council, the following 10 strategies can give your brand the boost it needs to really take off. Consider adopting one or more of these tactics to build buzz around your business, get your product in front of more consumers and increase your sales as well as your odds of success.

Eight Ways Marketers Can Be More Thoughtful About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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If you want more customers, you have to ensure they feel represented in your marketing first. No matter whether they’re marketing a product or a service, companies have to appeal to what their audiences want. In today’s world, that means diversity. Customers like to see themselves in advertising, as it allows them to envision themselves using the particular product or service and to understand how it might benefit them specifically. But customers can’t feel represented if marketers aren’t considering diversity in the first place. While many companies have gotten on board with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in their marketing, many others are still struggling to make the right changes. As business leaders in the culture space, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have advice to share when it comes to DEI. Here, they discuss eight ways business leaders can ensure they're being thoughtful about diversity, equity and inclusion in their marketing and why it's so important to do so.

Stop the Scroll: 12 Tips to Make Attention-Grabbing Videos

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The key to making your business stand out lies in how well you know your viewers. Whether you’re creating a video ad or an educational "how-to" video for your business, there are just some creative tactics that seem to lend themselves well to the video format. Taking advantage of these tactics is critical in an age where getting someone to stop scrolling through their social media feed is key to getting your business noticed. So what can you do to stop the scroll? Here, 12 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss their best tips for creating something that will make viewers stop scrolling, engage with your video and, ultimately, become a patron of your brand.

11 Money-Saving Tips You May Not Have Considered for Your Business

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Cutting costs might mean adding smarter solutions. As the cost of doing business rises, more and more business leaders are looking for ways to save money across their operations. Whether it’s quick fixes like eliminating unused subscriptions and tech or more long-term plays like retaining loyal talent, there are seemingly limitless cost-cutting measures you can employ to give your budget a little more wiggle room. To offer up their own recommendations, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council outline the top money-saving tips that have worked for them and explain why other businesses should implement these strategies for themselves.

Lost the Passion for Your Career? 10 Tips for Getting It Back

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Losing your passion doesn’t mean it has to be gone forever. It’s not uncommon to make your career your passion, to want to work on something you feel inspired by and that gets you excited to go to work each day. However, even if you’re in your “dream job,” it’s possible to sometimes feel like you’ve lost that passion. Whether it’s a series of failures that have you questioning your abilities or a combination of long hours and too many tasks piling up making you desperate for rest, there are a number of factors that can leave you wondering if you’ve lost your passion forever. As business leaders and entrepreneurs, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have also felt the fatigue and self-doubt of lost passion. Here, they share their best advice for how to regain the passion for your career and discuss how losing their own passion has helped to shape their careers today.

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