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World-aware traveler attuned to local nuance across diverse cultures, and connecting emotionally with disparate audiences through Marketing, Comms and Creative. Entertainment (Music)> Tech> Fashion (Luxury)> Entertainment (Film/ TV)> Tech- MR + Consumer Insights Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Nine Key Factors to Consider When Collabing With a Creative Agency

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Consider these pivotal factors when partnering up for a campaign. Partnering with the right creative agency can be the difference between a lackluster campaign and a resounding success. As businesses seek to captivate audiences in more innovative ways, the selection of a suitable agency becomes a critical decision. But how does one discern the ideal match amid a sea of options? Here, Rolling Stone Culture Council members explain the crucial factors that demand your attention when evaluating potential creative agency partners. From a track record of creativity and adaptability to a shared understanding of the brand's vision, navigating these considerations can pave the way for fruitful and inspiring collaborations.

Troubleshooting Sales Slumps: 10 Steps to Diagnose a Cause and Find a Solution

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Unravel the mystery behind plummeting sales. Experiencing a sudden and significant drop in sales can be a distressing ordeal for any business owner. When faced with this challenging situation, it is crucial to act swiftly and decisively to diagnose the root causes and implement effective solutions. By understanding the reasons behind the decline in sales, businesses can make informed decisions and deploy targeted measures to reinvigorate growth and reclaim their competitive edge. Below, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council members explore essential steps to troubleshoot sales slumps, enabling businesses to identify underlying issues and devise strategies to reverse any downward trends.

Partnering With an Influencer? Consider These Factors First

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Choosing the right partner could mean skyrocketing sales for your brand. With around 72% of Gen Z and Millennials following influencers on social media, it’s difficult to deny the powerful reach influencer marketing can have on such a large portion of the consumer population. Influencers not only boast an established audience of viewers, but they also possess a unique, loyal and trusting relationship with their audience members — something a brand may have difficulty achieving on its own. Naturally, more and more brands are looking to partner with influencers to help sell and promote their products; however, doing so shouldn’t be an impulse decision. Before partnering with an influencer, you’ll want to consider the following seven factors as outlined by the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. By following their recommendations and building out a well-planned strategy for your influencer marketing campaign, you could generate not only more sales but an audience of loyal customers as well.

Seven Tips for Finding Your Brand's Place in the Market

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Nailing down your niche may require looking inward first. In order for a brand to succeed, it has to be more than a clever idea. A successful brand must meet customer needs, separate itself from the competition and last beyond a passing trend. All of these characteristics combined contribute to a brand’s niche — or a comfortable place in the market. Without this well-defined niche, a brand can struggle to maintain its customers’ interest and, as a result, its rising sales. Whether you’re just thinking about starting a business or you’re trying to get your current endeavor off the ground, consider the following advice for those struggling to find their brand’s place in the market. Here, seven business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their best tips for what uncertain entrepreneurs can do to really nail down their niche.

How to Resolve Creative Differences With Your Fellow Business Leaders

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By resolving creative differences, you can unlock the potential of collaborative leadership. In a dynamic culture space, clashes of creative visions are inevitable among leaders in the business. These differences can stem from varying perspectives, artistic preferences or strategic approaches, among other reasons. However, resolving such conflicts and finding common ground is crucial for maintaining a harmonious and productive work environment. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council leaders explore practical tips and strategies to navigate creative differences and foster collaborative solutions that honor diverse viewpoints in the workplace.

Nine Traits Gen Z Is Bringing to the Workforce That Will Create a Major Impact

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How will this generation change the way we work?While every generation draws on their experiences to bring something new to the table, a truly digital-native generation such as Gen Z may have a major impact on the workforce moving forward. Growing up in the internet age has helped to shape both the skills and interests of this young generation, drawing them into disruptive technologies like AI as well as key social and environmental issues such as climate change. But these interests aren’t all they have to offer. Here, nine business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council each list one trait they think Gen Z is bringing to the workforce that perhaps other generations didn't have and discuss the potential impact this may have on the current work world at large.

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