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Seven Trends These Business Leaders Predict We'll See More of in 2024

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This year could bring everything from cannabis-infused cocktails to better mental health solutions. While 2023 witnessed a major shift in generative AI use as well as movie lovers flocking back to the theater, trends are continuing to evolve as the world pushes forward into another year. Though it’s not easy to predict what kind of trends, innovations or inventions the year will bring, business leaders across industries are doing their best to ensure their companies stay on top of “the latest and greatest” while maybe introducing a few new trends themselves. In the culture space, industries such as fashion, art, media, music, tech and more are often leading the charge when it comes to changing preferences and setting trends. Here, seven business leaders in these spaces, and members of Rolling Stone Culture Council, offer up their best predictions for the trends of the coming year and the type of effect they think these trends will have on related businesses.

Eight Ways to Improve Your Brand's Storytelling

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Mastering the art of storytelling can increase your odds of overall success. The story a company tells to its audience has a direct impact on the way its potential customers think and feel about its brand. Whether you want to inspire trust, encourage a feeling of camaraderie or build subject matter authority, the way you communicate your message will often determine how successful you are as a business. In this way, your ability to weave a narrative into your brand messaging should be a skill you are always looking to improve upon. As business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have experience sharing the stories of their own brands. Here, they offer their help by recommending their top tips for how to improve your storytelling to better communicate your brand’s message to your intended audience.

Nine Steps You Can Take to Set Your Company Apart From the Competition

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Standing out isn’t just about having the best idea. In a world saturated by millions of businesses all claiming to have the perfect solution to whatever problem consumers have, trying to find ways to make your own business rise above the noise can seem like an impossible endeavor. However, even businesses with fierce competition can find ways of standing out — with the right strategy, of course. To truly get your business noticed and to amass a large following of devoted customers, you’ll need to think thoughtfully about your customers, their needs and what your business can provide that no other business can. To help get you started, nine business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council share their insights on differentiating your company from the competition and recommend a few steps you should remember to take to help ensure your success.

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We created Proxies for when you want something to drink but you’re not drinking. By blending wine grapes, fruits, teas, spices, and complex ferments, Proxies go way beyond the grape to capture everything that makes wine a great pairing with food—acidity, body, and tannin—without the alcohol.


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