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Worldwide Artist Manager and Marketing Consultant. Owner of CB Entertainment and LEGEND Recordings.

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Eight Ways to Increase Sales (Even Without Customer Reviews)

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Without any reviews, you’ll need to pique customers’ interest in other ways. Positive reviews are essential to driving new customers to your business, as customers are more likely to buy something if they know plenty of others have tried and liked it before them. But when you're just starting out, you don't yet have any reviews to give you credibility, and this can be a major roadblock when it comes to getting your sales numbers off the ground.  So what can a new business owner do to elevate brand awareness? Below, eight business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their best advice to new entrepreneurs on how to encourage sales with few or no reviews and get their businesses started on the right track.

11 Tips for Building and Nurturing Positive Client Relationships

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Making your clients feel seen can go a long way toward creating relationships that last. Even if you have the top product or service in your niche, nothing quite makes an impact on your bottom line like positive client relationships. A terrible experience with customer service, or just poor customer service in general, can often be enough to turn customers off your business for good — and ensure negative word-of-mouth spreads as they go.  Creating and maintaining positive client relationships, then, is vital to amassing a loyal, supportive group of customers. To get started, consider the following tips from the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Here, they each share one tip they’d give any business leader for how to nurture positive client relationships and why.

Seven Lessons to Learn Before You Launch Your Business

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Even in business, hindsight is 20/20. Experience is often the best teacher — especially in business. Unfortunately, that can often mean aspiring entrepreneurs start out making a lot of mistakes, valuing the wrong things and not considering certain factors that could eventually make or break their business. But while you may not be able to skip ahead when it comes to your experience, the next best way to learn is from those who have taken the same journey before. Whether it’s via a mentor or a best-selling business book, listening to the advice of others can keep you from making the same mistakes they did — and inspire you to forge new paths. To weigh in with the wisdom they’ve gleaned over the years, seven business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss the lessons they wish they would have learned before they launched their businesses and why.

Solopreneurs: 10 Tips for Building Your Brand From the Ground Up

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Before you tackle your business alone, consider this advice first. Running a business on your own comes with an abundance of benefits — the ability to determine your own schedule, the freedom to make decisions based on your own ideas and the opportunity to work on whatever projects you find interesting. However, being a solopreneur or solo creator also means you’re the only one responsible for starting and growing your company, which can be a lot of pressure for one person to handle. As business leaders, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council are familiar with what it takes to build a brand from the ground up. Below, they each offer up one tip for solopreneurs and creators looking to start their own brands, grow them and succeed as leaders in the culture space.

How Business Leaders Can Help Their Teams Learn and Grow (and Why They Should)

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Bettering your employees is the first step to bettering your company. Culture is ever-changing. Customer preferences and values surrounding hospitality, fashion, food, art, cannabis or any other sector of the culture space can seemingly shift at the drop of a hat — meaning those who work within those areas need to be ready to adapt just as quickly. One way business leaders can prepare their employees for such a need is to encourage them to learn and grow as professionals. With the right growth mindset, employees will be ready to tackle whatever challenge customers throw at them. But how should leaders go about it? Here, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer seven ways employers can encourage their employees to learn and grow in their careers, and discuss why it’s so important to do so for the betterment of themselves and the company.

Seven Ways to Leverage Generative AI for Your Business

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Generative AI might be just the tool you need to improve your business operations. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, businesses can access a myriad of tools and strategies to reach new realms of growth and efficiency. Among these transformative technologies, generative AI tools like ChatGPT are becoming increasingly commonplace, helping users quickly gather information and generate content. However, as with any emerging technology, users may not always understand the best way to leverage generative AI. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share how they've used generative AI to assist in their business endeavors and how they recommend other leaders follow suit.

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