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Chris Martin has been a chef for 26 years. He owns the trademark to Hempfulfarms™ the first Hemp infused cafe in AZ. He also is Managing a partner for American Green™ and Paw Puddy ™ he has successfully opened a 4000sq ft manufacturing facility of all things CBD from hemp, runs their 12,000 sq ft grow, kitchen and lab as well. We are creators of all things weedleSs™, Hempfulfarms™, OGZonka Bars™ and Paw Puddy™


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Hempful Farms

Hempful Farms is Arizona’s First Premier Hemp Cafe and retail shop. Founded in 2013 by Chris and Andrea Martin, Hempful Farms opened serving hemp infused breakfast, lunch, smoothies and coffees. Hempful has three locations nationally. Hempful was born after The Martin’s were raided for cannabis. In 2010 the Martin’s started a brand called doing chocolates. Chris amd his wife were raided me faced 27 felonies and a combined totals of 127 years in prison. After beating their case due to police corruption, Chris was released in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Founding a nonprofit, helping inmates of the cannabis drug war. Chris and his wife also have a book called #OneLife documenting their story as well as a documentary on Amazon prime called #Hatersmakemefamous. Chris and Andi spend their time giving back to the community and love having cameos in local Movies such as Some Nudity Required, Strange Friends and Convicted Creations.


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