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Chris Oakley

Chief Technology Officer

ZOO Digital Group plc

United Kingdom

Chris Oakley is an enduring innovator within the ZOO Digital team and entertainment industry as a whole, working his way through the research and development ranks to take the mantle of Chief Technology Officer. Chris has been with ZOO Digital since the early start-up days. First working as a QA Engineer, the software specialist is now an expert at juggling project priorities, keeping an eye on new opportunities for innovation and managing ZOO Digital Labs. As a natural multi-tasker, he works on all of the R&D projects at ZOO, keeping a finger on the pulse of cutting-edge technology. He’s also dedicated at putting together the perfect team – conducting over 500 interviews to cherry-pick a slick and smooth-running UK team. Out of work, Chris balances the office lifestyle with time at the gym and is a dedicated follower of Sheffield Wednesday FC. Although he’s helped with some incredible triumphs at ZOO, his proudest accomplishments are his two sons.


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August 11th, 2022

12 Tips to Get Honest, Constructive Feedback From Your Employees

Truthful feedback from your team — both positive and negative — is essential for continued growth as a business leader.


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