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Christian Anderson (Trust'N)

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Christian Anderson, more famously known as his online alias and artist name "Trust'N", has paved his own way for success as a pioneer in the Entertainment & Media industries. Anderson Co-Founded Lost Boy Entertainment LLC, an industry leading Public Relations & Digital Marketing firm from his college dorm room in Wisconsin. Faced with the challenges of living in a "fly over" state with little to no industry, Anderson was able to utilize social media to create a mass network. The serial entrepreneur dropped out of college during his Senior year to pursue a career in entertainment at the head of his Lost Boy brand. The firm has now evolved into a multi-million dollar holdings company (Lost Boy Holdings LLC) expanding the Lost Boy empire into Fashion, E-com, and Real Estate among other industries. Anderson's unique brand and approach to the industry has had an impact on thousands of people across the digital media space. The Lost Boy umbrella boasts an impressive list of clientele including some of today's biggest brands and influencers like Google, Target Inc., Procter & Gamble, Kool-Aid, Mayweather Boxing & Fitness, Snoop Dogg, and Trippie Redd among many others. As an entrepreneur, influencer, artist, avid writer, and private investor, Anderson is on a mission to further expand his brand with the hope of making an even bigger impact along the way.


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Lost Boy Entertainment LLC

Lost Boy Entertainment Co. was started by four college students looking to pursue their dreams. We’re a company built for artists and entrepreneurs, by artists and entrepreneurs. Our team of founders came from the bottom, clawing to get the resources so many independent creatives and business owners strive to obtain. We’ve used those resources to push ourselves to new heights, accomplish goals we never thought possible, and set our sights on dreams we never thought we’d dream. After overcoming our own personal challenges, we’re here to help you jump over your own hurdles - and hit the ground running. Our path has given us the opportunity to have helped thousands of individuals grow their brands and careers.


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