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Codie Sanchez is an Active Board Member at Entourage Effect Capital, a growth equity firm focused specifically on investing in the legalized cannabis industry. EEC has deployed close to $200 million into over 65 companies out of its three dedicated funds and co-investment vehicles. Prior to EEC she previously led and built out First Trust's $1 billion+ AUM business in Latin America Investments and held leadership positions at Goldman Sachs, State Street, and Vanguard. She started her career as a journalist where she won the JFK award and the Howard Buffett Foundation grant for covering human trafficking. Sanchez is a pundit and columnist on investing, cannabis and startups, highlighted on CNBC, Fox, The Today Show, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, People en Español, Business Wire, for her Contrarian Thinking series and weekly email followed by 100k+. She was listed as a 25 Most Innovative Leader in Cannabis, The Cannabis Disruptor by MG Retailer, and EEC was named a Top 10 PE Firm by Forbes/BI/Entrepreneur in the space. She has an M.B.A. from Georgetown University, a master’s from ESADE and Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and a B.A. from Arizona State University. She sits on the board of the Arcview Group, the leading cannabis seed investment platform, Magma Partners a venture fund in Chile, and is actively involved in AEI and YEC. Join my contrarian investing newsletter here -->

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Nine Ways These Entrepreneurs Are Leveraging Tech to Succeed in Their Niche

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By using tech intentionally, you can improve your business and the niche in which it operates. Technology at its best serves as a helpful aid to businesses, entrepreneurs and everyday people looking to improve the way they function day to day. But simply using technology won’t affect much change. Those who really succeed are those who know how to leverage technology intentionally, incorporating it into thoughtful practices that could eventually turn into innovation for their business or even their industry as a whole.  Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members share some of the ways in which they’re leveraging technology to improve the success of their businesses in their space.

How These Entrepreneurs Use Technology to Enhance Their Everyday Business Practices

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The latest tech isn’t just for your average consumer. In the modern world, it's not just consumers who use wearables, apps or software to better their lives. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are also able to leverage new technology to enhance their business practices and ultimately improve their everyday work. Whether it’s an easy-to-use software program or app, or a culture-wide adoption of technology to meet a growing need, tech solutions have the capability to change the way a business (and its people) function in a meaningful way. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members each share one way they use technology to better their businesses.

Nine Ways Online-Only Retailers Can Create Memorable Customer Experiences

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You don't need a brick-and-mortar store to make a lasting impression on your customer. By taking advantage of lighting, scents, displays or direct customer service, retail has a straightforward way of creating a memorable experience for its customers. When your business is online-only, however, you don’t have a physical environment to leverage — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to “wow” your customers. Below, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council recommend nine methods for leaving a lasting impression on your audience — and all you need to get started is a little ingenuity.

Trying to Better Your Branding? 12 Companies That Really Nailed It

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These brands are great examples of how to tell your story right. Effective branding occurs when a consumer can think of a company and an image immediately comes to mind. These companies can evoke certain feelings and produce certain thoughts in customers’ minds all while telling a story well enough to convince those customers they need that product or service. All of these elements are what make a brand memorable, and to achieve that status for your company, you’ll need to study other successful brands. To help you, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council shared a few examples of brands that really nailed their respective stories and how they did it.

11 Key Techniques to Increase Engagement With Your Free Platform

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Free apps, tools and products still need to be highly appealing to entice users to keep coming back. When a platform is free, you might assume everyone will want to take advantage of it. However, if a customer isn't spending their hard-earned money on that tool or app, it can also be just as easy for them to forget about it. It can be difficult to encourage repeat engagement in the era of app overload, but there are a number of ways you can get users to engage with your business’s free platform. Below 11, members of Rolling Stone Culture Council shared the techniques that have worked for them. Follow their recommendations to build a loyal base of repeat users.

11 Surprising Lessons Culture Leaders Learned About Monetizing Virtual Content

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The pandemic required a quick pivot to online events and new ways of thinking about revenue. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses, organizations and artists shifted their in-person events to the online realm. Because these live events were often a big source of revenue, hosts had to figure out how to monetize their new virtual content. However, they quickly learned that making money from online events wasn't always as simple as it seemed. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members shared challenges they've faced monetizing online or virtual content. Here are some lessons they’ve learned about successfully bringing in revenue from digital events like webinars, conferences and concerts.

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