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Cody Jefferson

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Cody Jefferson is, first and foremost, the dad of Stetson Foster. He’s his son’s wrestling coach, baseball coach, greatest influence and biggest supporter. He is also a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, life and business coach. He is the founder of Embrace The Lion, the Top Ranked coaching program for Kingdom-minded men in business looking to LIVE their legacy in life and business. Cody coaches and advises CEO’s, business owners, and entrepreneurs on scaling their business, growing their impact and influence, all without sacrificing their soul on the altar of their success. He is an investor, a contributing writer for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone and travels the country as an in-demand keynote speaker on the subjects of personal empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, overcoming adversity and living a life of success in all areas.

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Starting Q2 Strong: Tips from Successful Business Leaders

expert panel

With Q1 behind them, business leaders can use Q2 as an opportunity to look ahead at what they want to achieve by mid-year. The second quarter of the year is a great time for business leaders to take stock of their progress and set goals for the months ahead. Whether you're looking to boost sales, improve operations or expand your team, it's important to have a plan in place to make the most of Q2. But where do you start? Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share their tips and strategies for starting Q2 off on the right foot. From assessing company performance to refining your business objectives, these insights can help you drive growth and achieve your goals.

10 Ways to Persuade Customers to Buy Even as Prices Are Rising

expert panel

Despite rising prices across all industries, consumers will still spend money on the brands they love if they have a good reason. In times of economic uncertainty, consumers are more cautious with their spending and may be less likely to make impulsive or nonessential purchases. This can be particularly challenging for businesses that rely on these types of consumer purchases to drive sales. However, there are strategies that companies can employ to encourage customers to continue buying from their brands, even when money is tight. By building trust, offering value and providing exceptional customer service, companies can create a loyal customer base that will stick with them through both good times and bad. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members explain how to do this for your own business.

11 Effective Strategies to Handle 'Quiet Quitting' in Your Workplace

expert panel

If you've spotted an employee who has "quiet quit" their job, it's not too late to turn things around. In today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, retaining employees has become increasingly challenging. One growing phenomenon that has added to this challenge is the concept of "quiet quitting" — employees who have disengaged from their work but are still physically present in the workplace. Companies often struggle to identify and address this issue, which can lead to decreased productivity, increased turnover and a negative work environment. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members offer some practical advice for reengaging and motivating employees who may be quietly quitting, along with strategies for preventing this phenomenon from happening in the first place.

11 Ways to Turn Your Customers Into Brand Loyalists

expert panel

You can't necessarily buy brand loyalty, but you can earn it with the right customer experience and engagement tactics. Loyal customers are the cornerstone of any successful brand. They stick by a business through thick and thin and support its products or services above all others in the industry. Having this dedicated, repeat customer can be a stepping stone toward increased brand recognition and an increase in profits. However, it takes dedication and effort to convert a casual buyer into someone who sticks by your company for life. To help, a panel of experts from Rolling Stone Culture Council recommend some effective ways any business can turn everyday customers into brand loyalists.

11 Lessons You Can Learn From Slow Business Growth

expert panel

When business growth slows or remains stagnant, there's often an important lesson to be learned. Most leaders strive for business growth and equate growth with success. While it's true that business growth means an increase in profits and customers, that growth can be hard to achieve, especially at first. If your business isn't growing as fast as you'd hoped, there may be a deeper reason for it — and uncovering that reason might lead to a valuable lesson. To that end, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members share 11 things you can learn from slower business growth and why these are such important lessons to absorb.

13 Effective Strategies for Managing the Stress of the Fast-Paced Culture Industry

expert panel

In an industry that moves at breakneck speeds, it helps to have some coping strategies when you're feeling stressed out. Whether you own a bustling restaurant, are involved in the ever-changing fashion or music businesses or are trying to advocate for change on a major scale, working in the culture space often involves a hectic lifestyle. While it's an exciting space to be in, it can often be fast-paced and overwhelming, which can quickly lead to stress and burnout. Managing stress can be done in many different ways, from taking small breaks throughout the day to prioritizing passions outside of work. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members share some ways they unwind from the pressures of their industry and how doing so keeps them at the top of their professional game.

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