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11 Effective Ways to Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Team

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A positive work environment, including one that embraces a growth mindset, starts at the top. In the business world, a "growth mindset" is often prized for its ability to motivate employees and drive them toward success. Leaders and employees who pursue growth and improvement every day tend to give their all so that they can evolve as professionals and as people in general.   As prominent leaders in their respective fields, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council understand how important it is to encourage and inspire employees to grow. Doing so shows them you are dedicated to elevating their careers and helping them improve professionally. Here, 11 members share some of the ways in which any business leader can inspire their employees to develop and maintain a growth mindset — and how doing so can help improve your business in the long run.

14 Top Lessons These Leaders Learned From Their Business Mentors

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A mentor’s advice can change the way you view yourself and your business. For those lucky enough to find one, a mentor can be an invaluable ally when starting a business. Their expert guidance and leadership can help provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to push past obstacles and build something truly sustainable. The members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have each had their own role models and mentors throughout their business journeys. Below, they each share the top lesson they learned from their mentor and how that lesson impacts the way they lead their businesses now.

Business Owners: 14 Tips to Forge New Connections in Your Space

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Building a powerful network can help your business in more ways than one. Networking is not a new concept in the business world, and certainly not to the business professionals who are doing it. But for business owners, forging new connections with other businesses in the same space can often feel like trying to make friends with the competition, and knowing how or when to reach out might not come naturally. But building that network of support is key to long-term business success, and can be especially important during the first few years of growth. So to help demystify the networking process, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council provided their best tips on how to do it right and how to ensure you’re building strong relationships for the long term.

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Teammate is a tight knit group of creatives specializing in digital storytelling across the internet. We strive to translate authentic real-life moments into the digital space through content and marketing with a focus on strengthening the talent-to-fan connection. Our goals are guided by our desire to help artists make a purposeful impact through the creative lens of the digital space with a focus on personal narratives.



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