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Experienced Chancellor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Instructional Design, Change Influencer, Fundraiser, Management, and Cannabis Policy Reform. A strong cannabis business development professional who created the blueprint as the first spokeswoman for a statewide voter initiative in cannabis legalization. Wife and mom of 3.

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11 Key Tips for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

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If you're looking into affiliate marketing programs, make sure you understand these essential steps to success. By now, it’s likely that every social media user has seen YouTube stars, Instagram influencers and other popular content creators asking their followers to use their affiliate links when purchasing from a business. That's because an affiliate marketing program is an optimal way for businesses to usher in leads and make additional profit. With websites and a bountiful number of social media platforms, businesses can partner with influencers, celebrities and even other businesses to create a program that benefits all parties. However, this marketing strategy has to be approached the right way. Below, 11 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share the tips they believe are key to a successful affiliate marketing program.

Nine Steps to Take if You've Lost Passion for Your Business

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To rediscover your passion, you might first need to rediscover yourself. When asked why they started their businesses, many entrepreneurs would answer that they were passionate about the product, service or cause their business represented. But along the way, between the day-to-day grind and the stress of leadership, that passion can tend to fade, and those same entrepreneurs may find themselves questioning why they continue to do what they do. While this loss of passion isn’t uncommon, it can feel demotivating to those driven by entrepreneurial purpose. Thankfully, reigniting a passion can be as simple as taking one of the following nine steps. Consider this list of steps recommended by the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council to take back your passion and set yourself on a new path toward happiness and fulfillment.

13 Creative Ways to Drum Up Positive Publicity for Your New Business

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There are a myriad of fresh ways to get the word out to potential customers. Coming up with a business idea, building a product or service line and designing a website are all vitally important steps to getting a business off the ground — but they’re only the first steps. In order to truly have success with any business, you’ll need to drum up some positive publicity to help get your business noticed and get new customers through the door. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can go about earning positive publicity, and if one way isn’t providing the results you desire, you can simply move on to the next. Below, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their top creative ways to drum up positive publicity to help get you started.

12 Tips to Help 'Future-Proof' Your Business in Today's Uncertain World

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Preparing for success tomorrow means taking thoughtful steps today. In business, often the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. You never know if your product will sell or if you’ll make enough money to last another year or if being an entrepreneur is really your true calling. While no one can predict what tomorrow will bring, there are ways you can help to guarantee your business will remain successful no matter what the next day may bring. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members offer their best tips for “future-proofing” your business and explain how these tips will help ensure your business is secure.

Why I Think Higher Taxes on Cannabis Could Bolster Illegal Sales


The new year brought new taxes to the cannabis community.

Company With a Cause? Nine Ways to Ensure Your Customers Trust You

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When dealing with cause marketing, it’s important to promote honesty and legitimacy. As concerns over social, environmental and political issues rise, many companies are being founded with a particular cause in mind, with their founders looking to use their businesses and platforms to raise awareness and do some good. For other businesses, getting involved in particular causes or building product lines around certain issues came later as their brands evolved. But the challenge for all of these businesses lies in earning consumer trust. Now attuned to insincerity and false concern, customers can tell when a company isn’t being honest in their claims. To help prove to your customers that your efforts to help your cause are legitimate, consider these tips from the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council and learn what steps you can take to build your credibility and reputation as an honest, trustworthy business.

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Oaksterdam University (OU) is the pioneer, dedicated to educating the global cannabis community, industry, regulators, and government. Oaksterdam’s roots go twenty-five years deep, and curriculum is fresh and focused for learning outcomes that include what you “need to know”, not just what you “want to know”. We help our students mitigate risk by providing the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the evolving cannabis industry. Our faculty is composed of professionals, academics, and subject matter experts who have taught over 50,000 OU alumni from over 40 countries. OU is now online with self-paced courses and live interactive virtual cohorts. Core programs are Business, Horticulture, Extractions and Manufacturing, and Budtender; curricula are focused on all aspects of the cannabis industry. Our student body represents all ages, ethnicities, educational and professional backgrounds. OU welcomes many who are looking to change or establish careers, and companies investing in workforce development. OU is focused on descheduling cannabis to legalize research, ensure safe access for veterans and medical patients, decriminalize for all citizens especially in communities of color, and allow for small businesses to be the backbone of the cannabis industry. Oaksterdam is the only institution of its kind, trusted to deliver actionable results. Oaksterdam University is special because of our years of experience, professionalism, transparency, accountability, and community involvement. OU is contracted by the City of Los Angeles Social Equity Program for Business, Licensing and Compliance, and completed a similar contract for San Francisco. Oaksterdam University is a dynamic, diverse, and responsive academic institute now based in your living room. You bring the WHY, OU brings the HOW.



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