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Dale Sky Jones

Executive Chancellor

Oaksterdam University


Experienced Chancellor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Instructional Design, Change Influencer, Fundraiser, Management, and Cannabis Policy Reform. A strong cannabis business development professional who created the blueprint as the first spokeswoman for a statewide voter initiative in cannabis legalization. Wife and mom of 3.


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Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University (OU) is the pioneer, dedicated to educating the global cannabis community, industry, regulators, and government. Oaksterdam’s roots go twenty-five years deep, and curriculum is fresh and focused for learning outcomes that include what you “need to know”, not just what you “want to know”. We help our students mitigate risk by providing the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the evolving cannabis industry. Our faculty is composed of professionals, academics, and subject matter experts who have taught over 50,000 OU alumni from over 40 countries. OU is now online with self-paced courses and live interactive virtual cohorts. Core programs are Business, Horticulture, Extractions and Manufacturing, and Budtender; curricula are focused on all aspects of the cannabis industry. Our student body represents all ages, ethnicities, educational and professional backgrounds. OU welcomes many who are looking to change or establish careers, and companies investing in workforce development. OU is focused on descheduling cannabis to legalize research, ensure safe access for veterans and medical patients, decriminalize for all citizens especially in communities of color, and allow for small businesses to be the backbone of the cannabis industry. Oaksterdam is the only institution of its kind, trusted to deliver actionable results. Oaksterdam University is special because of our years of experience, professionalism, transparency, accountability, and community involvement. OU is contracted by the City of Los Angeles Social Equity Program for Business, Licensing and Compliance, and completed a similar contract for San Francisco. Oaksterdam University is a dynamic, diverse, and responsive academic institute now based in your living room. You bring the WHY, OU brings the HOW.


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