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Dan Healy

Founder, CEOFanPower

New York City Area

Member Since October 2020


Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy


My experience spans across startups and large companies, with a focus on utilizing new technology to drive revenue or improve processes

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10 Quick and Easy Ways to Stay On Top of Industry News

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Keeping up with trends doesn't have to cut into your precious business planning and building time. When you’re immersed in your chosen industry, staying on top of news and trends can feel like a full-time job in and of itself. As a business leader, you want to make sure you’re always up to date on what’s happening; however, you still need to allow yourself time to focus on building and growing your business. As experts in their respective spaces, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have figured out the best ways to keep up with industry news while minimizing the impact on their bigger-picture business work. Here’s how they recommend tapping into your field’s latest and greatest trends.

The Future of Entertainment: How Sports Betting Will Change the Game


The shifting landscape of sports media and what industry leaders need to know about consumer preferences.

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PickUp is creating the universal fan opinion platform by enabling content producers create & embed simple, contextual & shareable questions into their editorial