Dan Serard

Member Since 2021

Dan Serard

Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Cannabis Creative Group

Boston Area

Dan Serard has been working in the cannabis industry for over three years and has been a part of marketing over 150+ different brands. Currently, he heads business development and strategic partnerships for Cannabis Creative Group – a top marketing agency in the cannabis industry. He is a member of many cannabis associations such as the Cannabis Marketing Association, Business Owners Hemp and Cannabis Association, National Association of Cannabis Businesses. He is currently a committee member of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Marketing and Advertising Committee and part of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand and Identity Design
  • Business Development & Partnerships


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Cannabis Creative Group

Cannabis Creative Group (CCG) has been a leader in digital marketing in the cannabis industry since 2017. At that time, the cannabis industry was still in its infancy. CCG gained experience working with a range of organizations – from high-end custom-designed dispensaries to outdoor and indoor farms, extraction and manufacturing facilities and everything from luxury to pet CBD and THC products. In just under five years, CCG has more than doubled the number of its employees and has helped more than +250 organizations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe grow their businesses through creative digital marketing campaigns. CCG’s services include branding, strategy, packaging, SEO, SEM/PPC, social media, and email marketing. Notable clients have included Maine Coast Hemp, Bff Hemp, Grow Generation, Fronto King, iDry, Revolutionary Clinics and Botera. In addition to helping clients reach their goals, CCG is involved in promoting equality and social justice in the cannabis space. Diversifying the industry opens up doors to previously untouched communities and injecting new ideas and perspectives. The team partnered with Boston's first recreational and black-owned dispensary, Pure Oasis, the Philadelphia Cannabis Association and Sweet Leaf, a CA pioneer in medicinal cannabis, to provide pro bono services. The award winning agency has also been featured as a thought leader in the cannabis industry in leading top industry publications such as MG Magazine, Sensi Magazine, Cannabis Radio, Cannabis Dispensary Magazine, Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Different Leaf, Benzinga, Market Insider and many others.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Brand Marketing