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Dan Serard

Director of Business Development and Strategic PartnershipsCannabis Creative Group

Boston, MA

Member Since October 2021


Digital Marketing
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Dan Serard has been working in the cannabis industry for over three years and has been a part of marketing over 150+ different brands. Currently, he heads business development and strategic partnerships for Cannabis Creative Group – a top marketing agency in the cannabis industry. He is a member of many cannabis associations such as the Cannabis Marketing Association, Business Owners Hemp and Cannabis Association, National Association of Cannabis Businesses. He is currently a committee member of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Marketing and Advertising Committee and part of the Rolling Stone Cultural Council.

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How Business Leaders Can Help Their Teams Learn and Grow (and Why They Should)

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Bettering your employees is the first step to bettering your company. Culture is ever-changing. Customer preferences and values surrounding hospitality, fashion, food, art, cannabis or any other sector of the culture space can seemingly shift at the drop of a hat — meaning those who work within those areas need to be ready to adapt just as quickly. One way business leaders can prepare their employees for such a need is to encourage them to learn and grow as professionals. With the right growth mindset, employees will be ready to tackle whatever challenge customers throw at them. But how should leaders go about it? Here, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer seven ways employers can encourage their employees to learn and grow in their careers, and discuss why it’s so important to do so for the betterment of themselves and the company.

Nine Steps You Can Take to Set Your Company Apart From the Competition

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Standing out isn’t just about having the best idea. In a world saturated by millions of businesses all claiming to have the perfect solution to whatever problem consumers have, trying to find ways to make your own business rise above the noise can seem like an impossible endeavor. However, even businesses with fierce competition can find ways of standing out — with the right strategy, of course. To truly get your business noticed and to amass a large following of devoted customers, you’ll need to think thoughtfully about your customers, their needs and what your business can provide that no other business can. To help get you started, nine business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council share their insights on differentiating your company from the competition and recommend a few steps you should remember to take to help ensure your success.

Seven Tips for Finding Your Brand's Place in the Market

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Nailing down your niche may require looking inward first. In order for a brand to succeed, it has to be more than a clever idea. A successful brand must meet customer needs, separate itself from the competition and last beyond a passing trend. All of these characteristics combined contribute to a brand’s niche — or a comfortable place in the market. Without this well-defined niche, a brand can struggle to maintain its customers’ interest and, as a result, its rising sales. Whether you’re just thinking about starting a business or you’re trying to get your current endeavor off the ground, consider the following advice for those struggling to find their brand’s place in the market. Here, seven business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their best tips for what uncertain entrepreneurs can do to really nail down their niche.

Nine Big Changes That Could Improve Your Digital Marketing Reach

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Digital marketing is changing constantly, but experts believe these shifts could have a major impact on campaign effectiveness. As a marketing leader, your primary goal is to ensure your campaigns connect with the intended target market. This task is easier said than done in a world of shrinking consumer attention spans and competing digital communication channels. However, modern marketing is ever-evolving, and certain changes in trends and tools could make a big difference for marketers who want to improve their reach and see more results. Below, nine Rolling Stone Culture Council members explore some key shifts in the digital marketing realm that could help companies better connect with their audiences.

Avoid These 10 Marketing Mistakes When Targeting Gen Z

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This generation is looking to support businesses that value ethics and authenticity. Gen Z, the generation born between 1997 and 2012, has become a highly sought-after demographic for marketers due to their significant purchasing power and influence. However, effectively targeting this generation requires a different approach than previous generations, and there are some common mistakes that companies are making. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share what companies should avoid when marketing to Gen Z and why these practices can come across as inauthentic. By understanding these mistakes, companies can create more effective marketing strategies that resonate with this influential demographic.

How to Market Your Cannabis Consumption Lounge


If you're the owner of a cannabis social lounge, you are one of the few people who believe it to be a prime opportunity to compete in a highly saturated market. 

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Cannabis Creative Group

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Cannabis Creative Group (CCG) has been a leader in digital marketing in the cannabis industry since 2017. At that time, the cannabis industry was still in its infancy. CCG gained experience working with a range of organizations – from high-end custom-designed dispensaries to outdoor and indoor farms, extraction and manufacturing facilities and everything from luxury to pet CBD and THC products. In just under five years, CCG has more than doubled the number of its employees and has helped more than +250 organizations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe grow their businesses through creative digital marketing campaigns. CCG’s services include branding, strategy, packaging, SEO, SEM/PPC, social media, and email marketing. Notable clients have included Maine Coast Hemp, Bff Hemp, Grow Generation, Fronto King, iDry, Revolutionary Clinics and Botera. In addition to helping clients reach their goals, CCG is involved in promoting equality and social justice in the cannabis space. Diversifying the industry opens up doors to previously untouched communities and injecting new ideas and perspectives. The team partnered with Boston's first recreational and black-owned dispensary, Pure Oasis, the Philadelphia Cannabis Association and Sweet Leaf, a CA pioneer in medicinal cannabis, to provide pro bono services. The award winning agency has also been featured as a thought leader in the cannabis industry in leading top industry publications such as MG Magazine, Sensi Magazine, Cannabis Radio, Cannabis Dispensary Magazine, Cannabis Business Times, Cannabis Different Leaf, Benzinga, Market Insider and many others.



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