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Unhappy Customer? Take These 12 Actions Right Away

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Their future opinion of your business rides on how you respond to their concerns. It's no secret that unhappy customers can have a negative effect on your business. All it takes is a slew of negative Yelp reviews or low star ratings to ruin a business’s reputation. But the reviews themselves aren’t always what have the biggest impact — it's all about the way the business responds to unsatisfied buyers. That's why it's so important to address customer concerns when they occur and attempt to turn the situation around. To shed some light on how to do so properly, 12 Rolling Stone Culture Council members explain the smartest things you should do first when you have an unhappy customer and why.

How to Keep Business Costs Low Amid Inflation

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Despite rising costs, there are some simple, clever strategies that can save your business money in the long run. With the cost of goods on the rise, many business owners worry they’ll lose profit by maintaining their current prices or lose customers by raising prices to match the inflated purchasing costs. Though inflation continues to interfere in this way with the day-to-day operations of many businesses, business owners have several options for saving money at their disposal. Below, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council members share their best tips for managing your budget and keeping costs low in the face of inflation.

Got a Negative Customer Review? 11 Steps to Take Next

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The way you respond to an online complaint can make or break your brand, so it's important to have a solid response strategy. Building an online presence across multiple social media platforms, websites and search engines is essential for any modern business. However, being a part of the digital realm also opens you up to online complaints from unhappy customers. It can be difficult to know how to handle a negative review in any environment, but with the added visibility online reviews have, the response you give will ultimately weaken or strengthen your reputation. To turn negative feedback into a positive brand experience, follow these tips from the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Below, they discuss what businesses should do when they find themselves on the receiving end of an online complaint.

12 Tips for Scaling Up in a Niche Market

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Carving out your niche is only the first step in launching a successful business. Business leaders who want to scale in a niche market have a unique opportunity. Niche markets often mean less competition, but the businesses that do exist may be tougher to compete against. To help ensure success when scaling up, businesses should take certain steps to set themselves up with the best odds, whether that's by analyzing market trends first or by taking the time to develop a distinct brand identity. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share this advice and more to help business leaders looking to grow in their niche.

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T MAVEN and MUSE we provide the services needed to simplify the event production process and give coordinators the time they need to focus on creating a memorable experience. We know that the recipe to a successful event is a healthy balance between proper planning, the right location and impactful entertainment. OUR MISSION is to deliver trusted entertainment and audiovisual services to our clients so they can take their events to a new level or simply just focus on enjoying their event. WE ARE DEDICATED to understanding our client’s event goals and delivering a revived approach to the services they need to confidently produce a meaningful experience.



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