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David Lucatch is the CEO, President & Chair of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. He has spent over 35 years as an entrepreneur, developing forward-thinking technologies and taking them to market. David has held senior management posts and directorships at both private and public technology and media firms. Today, David’s focus is on Liquid Avatar, as its Chair, and its mission to empower individuals, through Self Sovereign Identity, to manage, control and profit from the use of their identity and related personal data. David is also a contributor to Forbes as part of the Forbes Business Council and has written extensively about digital identity, the metaverse, web 3.0 and more.


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Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc.

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. is a global, blockchain-based solutions company. We believe ownership of your digital identity is a basic human right, and that every individual should be the true beneficiary of his or her personal online identity. We specialize in online identity verification, management and monetization worldwide. We’re creating a network of known/verified users using biometrics to protect user credentials anywhere identity verification is required. Liquid Avatar is a parent company with three functional sub-companies under its brand umbrella: KABN Kash, KABN Card and Oasis Digital Studios, which are transitioning to Liquid Avatar’s verifiable credential system. Liquid Avatar and its subsidiaries are working together to put control over digital identity and personal data back where it belongs - in the hands of the user. We offer our products and services at no cost to consumers and generate revenue through permission-based partner programs, which allows us to create a symbiotic relationship between organizations and their customers or audiences. We accomplish this by offering secure identity verification, alongside other offers and opportunities unique to the user based on permissions granted with regard to their data. Our wholly-owned affiliate and third sub-company under the Liquid Avatar umbrella is Oasis Digital Studios, a natural extension of Liquid Avatar and the main avenue for users to share art NFTs with Liquid Avatar’s consumer base. Oasis Digital Studios operates like no other NFT organization in the marketplace, as it was formed and is led by a team of established collectors. Our NFT sales strategy, derived from our collective collector backgrounds, creates a sense of scarcity and excitement that drives sales and intere