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Dr. Tye Caldwell

Cofounder & CEOShearShare, Inc.

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Cofounder, CEO of ShearShare | Member-Elect of Pro Beauty Association Advisory Council | Author, Speaker | Board Member

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14 Tips to Scale Your Business the Right Way According to Culture Leaders

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Scaling your business is a good goal, but it's important to approach growth smartly and sustainably. For many smaller or newer businesses, one of their greatest long-term goals is to scale their operations. As eager as they may be, however, acting too rashly or hiring talent just to fill spots might have unintended negative consequences. Instead, it’s crucial that companies thoughtfully consider their scaling process and go about it in a sustainable manner. This is especially true in the culture space, an industry filled with potential up-and-coming competitors. If you’re looking to scale your business the “right” way, follow these top tips from the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council.

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ShearShare, Inc.

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Our team is obsessed with empowering stylists and improving the way beauty and barbering professionals build their businesses. That’s why we created the world’s first salon and barbershop space rental app–so fellow solopreneurs could maximize their earnings potential. By the way, our average stylist rating is 4.92 shears.



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Beauty Technology

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