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Elan is the President and Co-Founder of Vintage Amp, a privately held investment fund focused exclusively on acquiring Masters and Publishing Rights.

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13 Steps to Owning Your Niche and Standing Out From the Competition

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Start with developing confidence in your business and what you have to offer. To be “the best in the business,” a business leader must first get intentional about owning their niche. This means finding ways to stand out from the competition, nailing down a distinct point of view and committing to learning and growing as a leader and as a business. While ignoring these steps, and others, may not mean a business will fail, it is likely that, as a result, the business will never rise to the top. Here, 13 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council elaborate further on the key steps business leaders will need to take if they really want to own their niche and why these particular strategies will ensure business success for a long time to come.

12 Ways to Manage Costs While Scaling Your Business

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From prioritizing necessary but high-cost items to leveraging technology, learn more about how to manage costs wisely while scaling your business. When it comes to scaling a business, managing finances effectively is crucial for success. As a business grows, so do its expenses, and without careful management, costs can quickly spiral out of control. But how can you keep costs under control while expanding your business? Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share expert tips and insights for managing costs wisely when scaling your business. From tracking expenses to optimizing processes and negotiating with suppliers, these strategies can help you build a sustainable business while keeping your finances in check.

Reshaping Music Royalties: Technology and the Quest for Equitable Compensation


The digital age has undeniably revolutionized the music landscape, opening doors to new opportunities and challenges alike.

11 Ways to Find Motivation Again After Experiencing Burnout

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Burnout is an all too common feeling among business leaders, but thankfully there are effective ways of overcoming it. Carrying the weight of a business on your shoulders can be an exhausting endeavor. Constantly worrying about your business’s success, about the livelihoods of those who work there and about your role as a leader can all eventually lead to feelings of burnout and fatigue. Add in the simple day-to-day stressors of life, and your motivation is often the first thing to go. But even if you feel this way now, it’s not too late to get your motivation back. Luckily, there are some tactics you can use to lift yourself up and find your motivation again. Below, 11 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss a few of those tactics as well as how leveraging them can positively impact your ability to carry on leading.

Tips and Considerations for Those Interested in Getting in on the Music Royalty Trend


To get into big-name music royalties, you don’t have to be a major catalog buyer.

Tips and Considerations for Artists Interested in Selling Their Catalog


Household names are cashing in on catalog sales. Why not smaller artists?

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Vintage Amp is a privately held investment fund focused exclusively on acquiring Masters and Publishing Rights from artists, labels, and rights owners.



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