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Eli Cheatham

Senior Advisor, Intl. Farming and Founder Matrons & Mistresses

Seattle, WA

Member Since October 2021


Eli Cheatham is a writer, creative and entrepreneur. A passionate champion of land stewardship, food security, mental health and equality, Eli has the privilege of overseeing International Farming’s culture, mission and messaging. In addition to her work with I.F., Eli is the founder and director of Matrons & Mistresses, a digital publication which shines light on the incredible women who shape the arts. Prior to turning her attention to business and the arts, Eli worked as a graduate gemologist in sales and client development for Harry Winston. Not one to stay put for too long, Eli splits her time between Seattle, Raleigh and Santa Fe.

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Competing Priorities? 12 Tips to Determine What Needs Attention First

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When your task list becomes overwhelming, try one of these methods for prioritization. Company leaders are no strangers to competing priorities. At the helm of the business, they must have their focus split between multiple areas or departments at any given moment. But when they’re only able to tackle one task at a time, how should they determine what to prioritize first? As successful business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council shared a few of their best tips for effectively organizing and prioritizing a task list and why these methods have worked so well for them.