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12 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Business Storytelling Skills

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When applied to business, storytelling can serve as an incredible tool for marketing, pitching, developing thought leadership and more. Storytelling is an incredibly important art form for business leaders to master. After all, a compelling story is often what convinces many consumers to purchase a business's products or services. By crafting and presenting a relatable story, businesses are able to connect in a more personal way with consumers, employees and investors, thereby increasing sales and investment opportunities, improving their thought leadership status and creating brand loyalty. Below, 12 Rolling Stone Culture Council members discuss how to hone your business storytelling skills and why these methods are so effective.

How to Effectively Keep Up With Industry News (and Tune Out the Noise)

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In a world of abundant information, it's imperative to learn how to "filter" media and distill it down to what's necessary for your job. Keeping up with the 24-hour news cycle can be exhausting. It's harder than ever to stay apprised of new social media trends, international news and local stories — especially because trends come and go faster than ever before. For those who work in the culture space, it's essential to have the information necessary to do your job well, which means learning how to tune out some of the noise. To help you do this, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council members offer their tips for keeping up with relevant news in a productive, efficient way.

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