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chef and co-founder of Tender Greens. Adviser to conscious founders at Cohere. Founder of the Sustainable Life Project. Board member of The Rodale Institute, Berkeley Food Institute, Temple University. Global champion of agrobiodiversity at Food Forever/ Crop Trust and Food Tank.

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11 Lessons You Can Learn From Slow Business Growth

expert panel

When business growth slows or remains stagnant, there's often an important lesson to be learned. Most leaders strive for business growth and equate growth with success. While it's true that business growth means an increase in profits and customers, that growth can be hard to achieve, especially at first. If your business isn't growing as fast as you'd hoped, there may be a deeper reason for it — and uncovering that reason might lead to a valuable lesson. To that end, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members share 11 things you can learn from slower business growth and why these are such important lessons to absorb.

How to Keep Business Costs Low Amid Inflation

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Despite rising costs, there are some simple, clever strategies that can save your business money in the long run. With the cost of goods on the rise, many business owners worry they’ll lose profit by maintaining their current prices or lose customers by raising prices to match the inflated purchasing costs. Though inflation continues to interfere in this way with the day-to-day operations of many businesses, business owners have several options for saving money at their disposal. Below, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council members share their best tips for managing your budget and keeping costs low in the face of inflation.

11 Effective Ways to Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Team

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A positive work environment, including one that embraces a growth mindset, starts at the top. In the business world, a "growth mindset" is often prized for its ability to motivate employees and drive them toward success. Leaders and employees who pursue growth and improvement every day tend to give their all so that they can evolve as professionals and as people in general.   As prominent leaders in their respective fields, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council understand how important it is to encourage and inspire employees to grow. Doing so shows them you are dedicated to elevating their careers and helping them improve professionally. Here, 11 members share some of the ways in which any business leader can inspire their employees to develop and maintain a growth mindset — and how doing so can help improve your business in the long run.

Looking to Stand Out? Ask Yourself: What Is Own-Able?


Intuition and real-time iteration are powerful, but planning is key for sustained growth.

12 Tips to Get Honest, Constructive Feedback From Your Employees

expert panel

Truthful feedback from your team — both positive and negative — is essential for continued growth as a business leader. Honest and transparent teams are likely to succeed for the simple fact that they value an open dialogue. If your team isn't on the same page about your plans, projects will suffer and the business may lose the momentum it needs for growth. This is why, as a business leader, it's critical to ensure you're receiving constructive and helpful feedback from your team. To help you make this a priority for both you and your business, 12 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss their best tips for leaders.

12 Business Leaders Offer Their Advice on How to Respond to a Controversial Current Event

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It’s not just a matter of if you should or shouldn’t react — it’s how. When controversial events occur in society, some customers want brands to speak out and others want brands to "stay in their place." When you’re a business leader, this can put you in a difficult position, as you may want to voice your opinion, as well as your company’s, but you also don’t want to alienate or lose customers as a result. As business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have their own thoughts on the matter. Below, 12 of them each share their tips for how businesses should respond to controversial current events and why they take this stance.

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Cohere is an agency focused on uniting stakeholders around shared goals in food, hospitality and real estate. Our process starts with an under-utilized space or story. We transform these spaces into brand experiences that are purposeful and valuable additions to the neighborhoods they’re located in through strategic branding, web design, marketing, content creation, and advisory services. Our partners in real estate, hospitality, and economic development help ensure a cohesive outcome that ultimately progresses the cities where we live, work, and play.


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