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Erik Oberholtzer

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Tender Greens / cohere

New York City Area

chef and co-founder of Tender Greens. Adviser to conscious founders at Cohere. Founder of the Sustainable Life Project. Board member of The Rodale Institute, Berkeley Food Institute, Temple University. Global champion of agrobiodiversity at Food Forever/ Crop Trust and Food Tank.


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Tender Greens / cohere

Cohere is an agency focused on uniting stakeholders around shared goals in food, hospitality and real estate. Our process starts with an under-utilized space or story. We transform these spaces into brand experiences that are purposeful and valuable additions to the neighborhoods they’re located in through strategic branding, web design, marketing, content creation, and advisory services. Our partners in real estate, hospitality, and economic development help ensure a cohesive outcome that ultimately progresses the cities where we live, work, and play.


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