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Podcast Producer & Content Creation specialist Award Winning Journalist 2017 LGBTI Awards Broadcaster & Presenter of The Year Nominee Australian Podcast Awards Finalist in Comedy & Entertainment Podcaster, On Air Radio Host & Producer Communications and Public Relations Specialist Loves Coffee, Disney Movies and Belly Laughs.


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August 11th, 2022

Five Steps To Soundproof Your Room for Podcasting

There are various ways to approach soundproofing, ranging from more budget-friendly methods to professional setups.

June 23rd, 2022

What Is Intentional Podcasting and How Do You Do It?

The driving force behind any podcast is passion.

June 9th, 2022

12 Reasons Why You Should Slow Down When Growing Your Business

Slow growth may seem counterintuitive, but it could actually lead you to greater success.

May 18th, 2022

How to Nurture the Intimate Nature of Podcasts With Your Audience

The more trust your audience places in you, the more intimate their listening experience will be.


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Ginni Media is an audio production company that helps people and brands bring untold, niche, or underserved stories to the mic. Sound lifts your concept off the page. Sound moves you beyond the restrictions of video, creating underwater civilisations, bustling cities – wherever you need to go to amplify your idea, and all without breaking your budget! Based in the global media capital of New York, we are a remote-only company, with a team spread across six continents. Our international reach is one of our great strengths, and we seek to broaden our scope whenever we recruit new team members. Global clients include Siemens, Allure and Architectural Digest. We also produce podcasts for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has something beautiful to say about the world.


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