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Creating meaningful opportunities for music artists to build sustainable careers globally. I invest in music creators from an early stage generating multi-millions in revenue annually and continue to develop & support hundreds of amazing creators careers across the world.

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Rising to the Top Together: Finding Strength in Numbers as an Emerging Artist


When you’re chasing something you believe in, it’s important that others believe in you too; this is why building a network of like-minded individuals is key.

The Good and Bad of Short-Form Video for Songwriting Artists


The TikTok effect is a powerful draw to make short-form videos, but what does it mean for artists and their songwriting?

What One World-Dominating Tour Shows About Success for Small Artists


A world tour this big is no accident — inspiring music, powerful fan connections, and memorable performances can build an artist's career to reach great heights.

The Good, the Bad and the Music: Separating Art from the Artist


We should not silence or cancel those who we unilaterally decide are incorrect, or we are dangerously close to aligning with fascist social policy.

Artists: Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?


Let’s look at the modern-day music industry from an artist’s perspective. What tools do we have to forge a successful career?

A Day in the Life of a Modern-Day Songwriter


In my view, songwriters, lyricists and producers are the unsung heroes of our favorite records.

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Ostereo is a music company founded in 2016 by musician and businessman Howard Murphy, offering services as a Record Label, Music Publisher, Management Agency and Music Distributor. Ostereo places a focus on digital, providing unparalleled reach to streaming platforms and social media through its world-class music distribution mechanisms and by taking a data-backed approach to growth, leaving our artists more time to make amazing music.



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