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A digital marketing expert with a keen eye for performance marketing. Passionate about cannabis, Igor immediately recognized an emerging need for a unifying cannabis marketing platform. Combining his love of marijuana and his 15 years of experience in the digital landscape, Igor crafted an online cannabis index committed to helping consumers and brands find each other in the green sea of an expanding industry.


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AskGrowers.com is an online, digital marketing-based cannabis platform specializing in the gathering and providing of detailed brand and product information from legal cannabis businesses across the United States. Operating entirely online, AskGrowers offers in-depth product reviews and profiles designed to keep consumers well-informed and confident of their online cannabis purchases. Additionally, AskGrowers aims to highlight legal cannabis growers and producers from various regions across the United States to help enlighten consumers on the backstories and brand values of their local cannabis suppliers, both big and small. Through founder interviews and up-to-date product reviews, AskGrowers works to make cannabis brands more accessible to consumers, and consumers more approachable for cannabis brands.