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As CEO of the exciting start-up PR%F (PROOF), I'm working with the brightest in the industry to build not just a business, but a strong, sustainable brand. PR%F is the only company with a patent-pending process to keep alcohol frozen in ice cream, and I plan to exploit the unique opportunities this first-of-its-kind ice cream offers - not just to our business, but to those with whom we DO business. I'm driving our team to saturate the South Carolina market, and meeting with business/market leaders that will take PR%F national in the near future. Our alcohol ice cream is all across South Carolina in more than 100 restaurants and stores. I relocated my family to Columbia because I know this company will exceed even my own expectations. I'm a USC graduate and was a scholarship Gamecock basketball player, so this place easily feels like home to me.

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PROOF Hard Ice Cream

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PR%F is real alcohol ice cream - the only ice cream with alcohol as an actual ingredient, not infused or as an additive. PROOF is a full 7% alcohol made with top shelf liquors and hand-crafted in South Carolina. PR%F flavors rotate seasonally and are made with only the best bourbon, rum, and moonshine. We're proud to be a Certified South Carolina product. It's a childhood treat with adult attitude!


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Food and Beverage

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