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Jennifer is a dynamic and versatile artist, writer, public speaker, and producer whose creative endeavors span various realms of art and spirituality. As the visionary author behind the Amenti Oracle: Feather Heart Deck and Guidebook, she collaborated with the talented Natalee Miller to create an inspiring and transformative tool. Additionally, Jennifer wrote the companion journal, Everyday Amenti: A Guided Journal for Cultivating a Feather-Light Heart, co-authored The Modern Nirvana Oracle, and is set to release The Artist Decoded Tarot, in collaboration with the artist Yoshino, in Spring 2024. She has served as Director of Marketing for Rythmia Life Advancement Center since 2020. Jennifer's work delves into the fascinating intersection of esoteric philosophy and cutting-edge technology, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern innovation. Her unique perspective and contributions have garnered widespread recognition, with features in esteemed media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Oprah Magazine, Rolling Stone, Refinery29, Vice, Sounds True, mindbodygreen, and Maxim. Jennifer's work has also been endorsed by New York Times best-selling authors Mitch Horowitz and Damien Echols, further elevating her impact in the field. With a deep passion for "pop occulture," Jennifer is dedicated to unlocking the limitless potential of the human imagination and creativity. Her ultimate mission is to nurture a world imbued with humor, compassion, and a shared sense of humanity through her compendium of work.


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