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A proven brand builder and entrepreneur with deep experience in innovative media and consumer product ventures, John is Founder & Chairman of the Board at The Bouqs Company. Prior to launching, Tabis led brand strategy at Disney and ShoeDazzle, and advised Fortune 100 clients at Bain & Company. Tabis is also an Adjunct Professor at UCLA Anderson and on the Investment Committee at The Pit Road Fund at The University of Notre Dame.

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Eight Smart Ways New Business Owners Can Quickly Increase Sales

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Building a business can be a slow process — but it doesn’t always have to be. One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is getting sales. When you first start out, you’re still trying to find customers to purchase your product or service, so sales can often take a while to really ramp up — even if you’ve found a few repeat customers. But such a slow start can be frustrating, especially when you’re not yet making a profit or breaking even.  While growing a business is often a test in patience, there are ways you can speed up the process and increase your sales at a quicker pace. According to the business and culture leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council, implementing any of the following eight tips can give your business the major boost it needs to attract more customers, quickly increase sales and really get your budding business off the ground.

11 Ways to Master Content Marketing (According to These Business Experts)

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Content is king — so why not use it to attract more customers? In today’s online, social-media-driven age, nothing attracts potential customers to a business quite like content marketing. Whether it’s a humorous video, an educational blog post or just consistent, engaging social media posts, content that grabs customers’ attention and keeps them coming back for more is the secret weapon of any successful business. But if you want to amass a large following, you have to get the content marketing right. It’s about creating it well — not just creating it at all. To ensure you’re on the right track, consider the advice of Rolling Stone Culture Council business leaders. Here, they offer their best tips on content marketing and how to make sure you see the benefits of your efforts.

Seven Ways to Leverage AI to Improve Your Business and Save Time

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Artificial intelligence may be the most important tool in your business tool belt. While artificial intelligence and its ongoing implementation in the business world remains a controversial topic, there are many business leaders and professionals who are finding ways to use AI to optimize their daily work and improve their overall business processes. As a tool, artificial intelligence is more than just a time-saver — but how can it be best utilized? Here, seven business leaders and innovators from Rolling Stone Culture Council offer up a few suggestions. Below, they each discuss some of the smartest ways they’re leveraging AI for their own businesses and why they recommend other business leaders follow suit. From streamlining data collection to predicting future consumer trends, AI has the potential to completely change the way you do business.

Nine Best Practices for Turning Unhappy Customers Into Happy Ones

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Resolve customer problems any time of year with these expert-recommended tips. The holidays can be a busy, stressful time for companies and customers alike. An influx of orders, too few staff and emotions running high can mean an increase in mistakes and dissatisfied customers. But these situations aren’t unique to the holiday season, and now that the new year is in full swing, businesses can step back and reflect on customer service lessons they can take with them throughout the rest of the year.  Below, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council discuss some of their top customer service lessons and the practices businesses can keep in mind when trying to find the best way to deal with an unhappy customer, no matter the season.

10 Tips for Business Leaders Looking to Nail Their Next Interview

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If you’re feeling nervous about a media appearance, consider these tips to help you prepare. Not all business leaders are natural speakers, but they often need to promote their businesses on TV, the radio, podcasts or other media channels. For the inexperienced speaker, this can be a terrifying prospect. After all, the impression you make as a leader will be the first impression many viewers or listeners have of your business. As experienced business leaders themselves, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have a few tips to share that can help you prepare for your first media appearance. Follow one or more of their suggestions to not only nail your interview but impress potential customers as well.

10 Effective Ways to Build Buzz Around Your Business

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If you want your business to go viral, then apply these tips to go the extra mile. Whether it’s “going viral” or becoming “the talk of the town,” generating buzz around your business is essential if you want to grow your audience and, consequently, your bottom line. General marketing efforts are a good start; however, you'll need to do more to make a big name for your business. According to the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council, the following 10 strategies can give your brand the boost it needs to really take off. Consider adopting one or more of these tactics to build buzz around your business, get your product in front of more consumers and increase your sales as well as your odds of success.

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The Bouqs Company is a leading online floral retailer that delivers flowers fresh from eco-friendly, sustainable farms to doorsteps nationwide. Founded in 2012, The Bouqs Company was formed to radically disrupt the $100 billion global floral industry through a modern brand, responsibly-sourced flowers and a vertically-integrated supply chain driven by proprietary data and technology. Headquartered in Marina del Rey California, the company connects farms and a curated network of artisan florists directly to consumers and disrupts the traditional supply chain by eliminating middleman, waste and substantial overhead costs. In turn, this model enables a superior product and re-defines the experience and economics for consumers and producers alike. For more information, visit



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