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A proven brand builder and entrepreneur with deep experience in innovative media and consumer product ventures, John is Founder & Chairman of the Board at The Bouqs Company. Prior to launching, Tabis led brand strategy at Disney and ShoeDazzle, and advised Fortune 100 clients at Bain & Company. Tabis is also an Adjunct Professor at UCLA Anderson and on the Investment Committee at The Pit Road Fund at The University of Notre Dame.

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Nine Ways Online-Only Retailers Can Create Memorable Customer Experiences

expert panel

You don't need a brick-and-mortar store to make a lasting impression on your customer. By taking advantage of lighting, scents, displays or direct customer service, retail has a straightforward way of creating a memorable experience for its customers. When your business is online-only, however, you don’t have a physical environment to leverage — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to “wow” your customers. Below, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council recommend nine methods for leaving a lasting impression on your audience — and all you need to get started is a little ingenuity.

10 Simple Steps Toward Delivering a More Convenient Customer Experience

expert panel

Offering a top-notch customer experience is more important than ever, but you need the right strategies first. When designing a better customer experience, many organizations today are focusing on convenience. Whether it’s companies finding inventive ways to deliver their products or working to make their customers’ lives easier, convenience has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.  But to make sure you’re delivering the best overall experience, you’ll need to start with a few simple steps. Below, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council members each shared one thing leaders can do to maximize convenience and create more happy customers.

13 Key Ways to Ensure a Successful Collab Between Businesses

expert panel

Creating a mutually beneficial partnership means laying the groundwork for success upfront. When businesses partner together — whether for an ad campaign, product launch, promotion or any other reason — both should reap the rewards. But to ensure it’s a successful endeavor for all parties involved, there may be some necessary planning to do. While the process doesn’t need to be complicated, there are some important steps to be taken and considerations to be made before either business will feel satisfied. To shine some light on those steps, 13 members from Rolling Stone Culture Council list some of the key actions to take to make sure your next partnership is a successful one.

15 Activities to Help You De-Stress and Avoid Burnout in the Modern World

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When your usual outlets aren't available to you, it's important to find alternate coping mechanisms. It’s no question that the last year has been challenging for everyone. Even with the hope of "normalcy" on the horizon, people are finding it difficult to cope with the ongoing pandemic on top of the challenging social and political climate. With many outlets and resources inaccessible at this time, it’s even harder to find ways to de-stress. To help, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members shared activities and methods that can aid in coping with burnout during multiple crises. Follow their advice to find healthy ways to deal with the stress of the modern world.

Seven Ways Business Leaders Can Boost Transparency With Their Customers

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As consumer trust in corporations wanes, it's up to culture businesses to lead the way in authenticity and transparency. The internet has provided consumers with an incredible amount of information. All this knowledge evens the playing field for consumers and pulls back the curtain on certain corporate processes and people. As a result, consumers are becoming more aware and less trusting of corporations in general. To help companies rebuild that trust, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members shared their insights. Below they discussed nine ways businesses in the culture space can be more authentic and transparent with their consumers and what effect that has overall.

12 Practical Ways to Forge New Connections When You're Battling Zoom Fatigue

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Even if you're feeling video call burnout, there are ways to motivate yourself to connect in the digital world. With the pandemic still ongoing, it’s difficult to know when the world will return to “normal" and in-person networking can resume. Until then, many professionals will remain working — and connecting — fully remotely, which can lead to the dreaded burnout known as "Zoom fatigue." In this distant environment, finding the motivation to forge connections day after day can be a monumental task. To help, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members shared a few networking strategies that have worked well for them when they’re not in the mood to connect.

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The Bouqs Company is a leading online floral retailer that delivers flowers fresh from eco-friendly, sustainable farms to doorsteps nationwide. Founded in 2012, The Bouqs Company was formed to radically disrupt the $100 billion global floral industry through a modern brand, responsibly-sourced flowers and a vertically-integrated supply chain driven by proprietary data and technology. Headquartered in Marina del Rey California, the company connects farms and a curated network of artisan florists directly to consumers and disrupts the traditional supply chain by eliminating middleman, waste and substantial overhead costs. In turn, this model enables a superior product and re-defines the experience and economics for consumers and producers alike. For more information, visit



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