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Jonathan Kleeman

Group Beverage Manager and Executive Head Sommelier at Story GroupStory Group

London, UK

Member Since September 2021


Food & Beverage
Restaurant Management


An esteemed professional in the hospitality industry, Jonathan has honed his expertise over an impressive 18-year career. His journey, filled with rich experiences, has included roles in renowned establishments such as the Ritz Hotel, Social Eating House, Four Degree, Orwells and others. Beyond his on-the-ground work, Jonathan has showcased his prowess by consulting for private and multinational companies and participating in prestigious wine competitions. Currently, Jonathan serves as the Group Beverage Manager and Executive Head Sommelier at the Story Group which encompasses highly acclaimed Restaurant Story in London, which boasts 2 Michelin Stars and 5 Rosettes, Dovetail in Mayfair, and Story Cellar in Covent Garden. Having completed the Court of Master Sommelier and ASI level 3 certifications, Jonathan's qualifications speak volumes about his proficiency. Beyond his hands-on industry involvement, he is a respected voice in the field and has been regularly featured in prominent media outlets such as Forbes, NewsWeek, The Times, and Refinery29 and others for his insightful views on hospitality trends and advancements. Always at the forefront of innovation, Jonathan maintains a keen interest in exploring and understanding the potential applications of blockchain technology within the hospitality sector.

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