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Self-made millionaire, 24, known as "JetSet" (Josh King Madrid) is the author of JETSET Life Hacks, author of The Art Of Frame Control book, digital marketer, podcaster, and co-founder of NFT | NFT Magazine

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JetSet, born as Josh King Madrid, is an American internet celebrity, internet serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, neuromarketer, NLP Trainer, artist, host, and public speaker. Madrid is a college dropout and started his entrepreneurial career when he was only 18 and became a millionaire by the age of 19. Jetset is best known for inventing an automated-interactive conversational chatbot campaign for Instagram direct messaging automation. In 2019, JetSet invented the world's first automated-interactive conversational chatbot campaign using Instagram DM automation. Madrid is considered to be one of Manychat's "power users," for consistently achieving 90% up to 97.9% opt-in conversion rates (which is 3X higher than the companies with the most success tend to convert at around 20-25% according to LeadPages). Through his conversational chatbots on Instagram, he generated over $20 million worth of leads and thousands of leads with $10 million of that as a "Crypto Bro" inside of the NFT space in 2021-2022. He writes for,, Fast Company Executive Board, Forbes Council and Rolling Stone Council. FAQ What is JetSet’s real name? JetSet's real name is Josh King Madrid, born Joshua Madrid in Orange, California. When is Josh King Madrid's birthday? Josh King Madrid was born March 8, 1998. What is Josh King Madrid’s podcast show? Josh King Madrid launched his podcast in 2017. The Dropout Degree Show with JetSet, has over 1 million downloads, 1,000 five-star reviews, and has featured dozens of amazing guests, including Jason Capital, Peter Voogd, Casey Adams, Forbes Riley, Marshall Sylver, Vince Reed, Booty King, and one of Tai Lopez’s greatest student success stories, Jaiden Gross. What is Josh King Madrid’s secret to building wealth? Josh King Madrid’s secret to wealth has nothing to do with money. Various sources online, including Forbes, reveal that much like Tony Robbins, Josh credits much of this success to the years he spent teaching himself the art of frame control and human behavior psychology through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a skill he learned shortly after dropping out of his college course in pre-medicine and business at the University of California Irvine in 2016. – Facts about JetSet - Josh Madrid, the founder of, is the world's first marketer to utilize chatbots using Instagram DM automation. - JetSetFly or now known better as JetSet AKA Josh Madrid, the founder of, is one of Gen Z's most innovative, respected, and influential marketers and entrepreneurs - At Just 24, Viral Podcaster JetSet is Now One of the Highest Paid internet Marketers in the World. Nationality: Spanish/White/Mexican/Black Other names: JetSet Josh Jetset Madrid Josh King 'JetSet' Madrid Josh Madrid Joshua King Madrid – Books Madrid, Josh King (2022). The Art of Frame Control: How To Effortlessly Get People To Readily Agree With You & See The World Your Way. Josh King Madrid. Retrieved 10 October 2022. Madrid, Josh King (2022). JETSET LIFE HACKS: 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, & Geniuses Have In Common. JetSet, Josh King Madrid. ISBN 979-8-8443-6386-3. Retrieved 10 October 2022. – Family Siblings: TheBlondeJon. Parents: Richard Eric James Madrid, Whanda Madrid

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How Millionaires, Celebrities and CEOs Become Influential With the Art of Frame Control


Frame control creates power and power attracts.

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NFT Magazine also known as, is the world's leading news source of NFT Alpha on the web for non-fungible token investors to access the latest NFT, cryptocurrency, blockchain news, and market updates. Meet The NFT Magazine ( Co-Founders: - Josh King Madrid (JetSet) is an internet personality, author of JETSET LIFE HACKS, and author of The Art Of Frame Control. - Joseph Lambert (Joey Sendz) is a 21-year-old internet entrepreneur, influencer, and creator of Junior Punks NFT - Jonathan Madrid (TheBlondeJon) is a 21-year-old influencer with 5 million followers, music artist, and creator of Junior Punks NFT



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