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With a proven track record of driving success, Joshua Adragna is an accomplished technology entrepreneur, strategic advisor, and Investor, whose reputation has been built on a solid foundation of expertise in scaling tech companies towards positive exits. As an investor, he has seeded several innovative technology startups, providing them with the capital and mentorship needed to revolutionize their respective industries. Joshua is particularly well-known for his transformative work in the burgeoning US cannabis industry. Recognizing the untapped potential in this space, he has advised and implemented next-generation technologies, fostering growth, compliance, and expansion in this rapidly evolving market. These endeavors have not only transformed operations for numerous cannabis enterprises, but have also been instrumental in shaping the industry at large.

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Rethinking Buzz: Why Sober CA Picks Cannabis Over Cocktails


As the green wave continues to swell, there's a unique opportunity for business leaders in the cannabis sector to ride it all the way to the shore.

11 Key Steps Business Leaders Can Take to Meet Their 2024 Goals

expert panel

Your team needs a clear plan of action if they’re going to help you succeed. Individuals aren't the only ones setting resolutions for the new year. Throughout the month of January, even business leaders are reviewing their major goals for the year, setting timelines and creating plans for how to achieve them. Without such plans, business leaders aren’t likely to see success, as it takes intentional effort from them and their teams to accomplish the potentially challenging tasks they’ve set before them.  To ensure you’re setting you and your business up for success in 2024, taking the following 11 steps can be a good place to start. Here, Rolling Stone Culture Council business leaders each suggest one thing their fellow business leaders can do to ensure they meet their goals for 2024 and beyond.

11 Money-Saving Tips You May Not Have Considered for Your Business

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Cutting costs might mean adding smarter solutions. As the cost of doing business rises, more and more business leaders are looking for ways to save money across their operations. Whether it’s quick fixes like eliminating unused subscriptions and tech or more long-term plays like retaining loyal talent, there are seemingly limitless cost-cutting measures you can employ to give your budget a little more wiggle room. To offer up their own recommendations, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council outline the top money-saving tips that have worked for them and explain why other businesses should implement these strategies for themselves.

Rise of Cannabis Drinks: Beyond the Mocktail Trend


The starring role that cannabis drinks were pegged for has been taken for a roller-coaster ride, prompting us to ask: What do consumers of cannabis beverages truly seek?

Nine Ways to Ensure Successful Brainstorming Sessions With Your Team

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Good ideas start with open-minded teams. While any one person can be a particularly good problem solver or a master of creativity, leveraging the power of a group and the multiple minds within it can often unleash some of your company’s best ideas. However, when not handled in the right way, what could have been a productive brainstorming session can easily turn into a quiet room or an argument among colleagues.  To ensure your team’s next round of brainstorming yields promising results, consider the following advice from the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Here, they share their insights on how to open your team’s minds, encourage them to speak up and generate thoughtful, actionable ideas.

Green Tumble: California's Cannabis Brands Model Adaptation For The Industry


While some brands stoop to unsavory strategies, others model steadfastness in their commitment to quality and long-term sustainability.

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