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Kelley Swing is a best-selling author, visionary entrepreneur, certified business coach, and the voice of sustainable beauty. Kelley founded the first sustainable salon in Dallas, Fort Worth, with her daughter Brandy Thorpe, who serves as Manager and Director of Education. The company was one of the first to use NATULIQUE Certified Organic Products in Texas. The pilot salon earned recognition for providing safe hair products without harsh chemicals or animal testing. Wanting to make a difference, Kelley started a sustainable distribution company, Innovative Beauty Distributors, and Head Case Coaching, helping fellow salon owners to create sustainable beauty businesses.

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How Business Leaders Can Help Their Teams Learn and Grow (and Why They Should)

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Bettering your employees is the first step to bettering your company. Culture is ever-changing. Customer preferences and values surrounding hospitality, fashion, food, art, cannabis or any other sector of the culture space can seemingly shift at the drop of a hat — meaning those who work within those areas need to be ready to adapt just as quickly. One way business leaders can prepare their employees for such a need is to encourage them to learn and grow as professionals. With the right growth mindset, employees will be ready to tackle whatever challenge customers throw at them. But how should leaders go about it? Here, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer seven ways employers can encourage their employees to learn and grow in their careers, and discuss why it’s so important to do so for the betterment of themselves and the company.

Seven Ways to Leverage Generative AI for Your Business

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Generative AI might be just the tool you need to improve your business operations. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, businesses can access a myriad of tools and strategies to reach new realms of growth and efficiency. Among these transformative technologies, generative AI tools like ChatGPT are becoming increasingly commonplace, helping users quickly gather information and generate content. However, as with any emerging technology, users may not always understand the best way to leverage generative AI. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share how they've used generative AI to assist in their business endeavors and how they recommend other leaders follow suit.

Learning From Failure: 12 Leaders Share Their Hard-Earned Lessons

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Failure can be one of life's greatest teachers. At one time or another, every leader will experience some degree of professional failure. While the experience can be disappointing or frustrating, it can also serve as a powerful teacher, imparting valuable lessons that can shape one's views or career trajectory. If you've experienced failure in your professional journey, know that you're not alone — and you're not down for the count. Below, 12 members of Rolling Stone Culture Council share the biggest lessons they've learned from professional failure and the lasting impact of that hard-earned wisdom.

How to Nurture a Collaborative Environment That Will Allow Your Team to Thrive

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Getting your team to work together often starts with you. In creative industries, an agile work culture helps create an environment which encourages the teamwork and collaboration necessary to come up with new and innovative ideas or thoughtfully expand on existing ones. Part of creating an agile work culture, however, is ensuring your team has what they need to collaborate effectively. To do so, you’ll need to take stock of your current work environment to find areas for improvement.  Whether it’s leading by example, offering full autonomy on projects or defining clear roles and expectations, there are a number of approaches you can take to nurture a collaborative environment — with some approaches less obvious than others. Here, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their best tips for building an agile, collaborative work environment for your employees and why it’s so key to do so.

Nine Traits Gen Z Is Bringing to the Workforce That Will Create a Major Impact

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How will this generation change the way we work?While every generation draws on their experiences to bring something new to the table, a truly digital-native generation such as Gen Z may have a major impact on the workforce moving forward. Growing up in the internet age has helped to shape both the skills and interests of this young generation, drawing them into disruptive technologies like AI as well as key social and environmental issues such as climate change. But these interests aren’t all they have to offer. Here, nine business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council each list one trait they think Gen Z is bringing to the workforce that perhaps other generations didn't have and discuss the potential impact this may have on the current work world at large.

Avoid These 10 Marketing Mistakes When Targeting Gen Z

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This generation is looking to support businesses that value ethics and authenticity. Gen Z, the generation born between 1997 and 2012, has become a highly sought-after demographic for marketers due to their significant purchasing power and influence. However, effectively targeting this generation requires a different approach than previous generations, and there are some common mistakes that companies are making. Below, Rolling Stone Culture Council members share what companies should avoid when marketing to Gen Z and why these practices can come across as inauthentic. By understanding these mistakes, companies can create more effective marketing strategies that resonate with this influential demographic.

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We are Innovative and Organic Hair pioneers, perfecting sustainable beauty methods for and with the most talented hair artists in Dallas, Fort Worth. We specialize in Color, Cuts, Blowouts, Special Occasion Hair & Makeup, Hair Extensions, and Full Body Waxing. November 2021, Head Case is awarded Green America's Business Certification from



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