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Kelley Swing stands out as a trailblazing entrepreneur, a revered business mentor, an acclaimed best-selling author, and an influential advocate for sustainable beauty. Together with her daughter, Brandy Thorpe, who excels in her roles as Manager and Director of Education, Kelley pioneered the establishment of Dallas Fort Worth's premier sustainable salon. This groundbreaking venture was among Texas's trailblazers in adopting NATULIQUE Certified Organic Products, setting a new standard for offering safer haircare solutions free from harsh chemicals and without animal testing. Head Case Hair Studio has been named in the SALON TODAY TOP 200 for the consecutive years 2022, 2023, & 2024. Head Case has expanded to the Kansas City, Missouri market with its second sustainable salon location downtown near the river market. Driven by a passion to instigate meaningful change, Kelley took her commitment to sustainability a step further by founding Innovative Beauty Distributors. This visionary company swiftly became a leading distributor of eco-friendly beauty products, revolutionizing green beauty practices. Through its mission, Innovative Beauty Distributors empowers salons to flourish by integrating health-conscious alternatives into their offerings. 2023 marked a significant milestone as Kelley organized the inaugural Sustainable Salon Summit in Southlake, Texas. This landmark event convened sustainability pioneers and luminaries who graced the summit, enriching the discourse on sustaining your business and sustainable beauty practices. Her dedication to sustainability is further showcased in her best-selling book, "Sustainable Salons Make Millions," now available on Amazon. As a salon owner, Kelley swiftly recognized her pivotal role in her team's and clients' mental well-being. Acknowledging salon professionals' profound impact on their clients, often being the primary source of connection for them, she understood the significance of this unique relationship. Salon professionals, unlike many other professions, have the privilege of physically touching their clients, fostering a bond that extends beyond mere services rendered. This connection not only influences the client but also profoundly affects the salon professional. Understanding the importance of her team's mental health, Kelley took proactive steps by bringing in experts to equip her staff with tools for maintaining their mental well-being. Witnessing the remarkable results within her own business, she became a passionate advocate for mental health within the workplace. However, Kelley's commitment to mental health transcended her salon walls. Upon learning about the alarming increase in suicide rates, particularly among men, veterans, and children, she realized the urgency of spreading awareness and providing support to those in direct contact with people. Teaming up with an array of healthcare professionals, suicide survivors, mental health experts, crisis counselors, and volunteers, Kelley founded The Lion’s Collective 5013c. This organization offers a transformative experience tailored to address the critical issues of suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Through engaging presentations, interactive workshops, and expert-led discussions, participants gain valuable insights and practical tools to support themselves and others who may be struggling. The Lion’s Collective 5013c is a beacon of hope, fostering a community dedicated to promoting mental well-being and saving lives. To immerse yourself in Kelley Swing's world of sustainable beauty innovation and to stay abreast of upcoming Sustainable Salon Summits, follow her today. Join a movement dedicated to redefining the beauty industry's future — one that embraces prosperity, health, and sustainability hand in hand.

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We are innovative and organic hair pioneers who perfect sustainable beauty methods for and with the most talented hair artists in Dallas and Fort Worth. We specialize in Color, Cuts, Blowouts, Special Occasion Hair & Makeup, Hair Extensions, and Full Body Waxing. November 2021, Head Case is awarded Green America's Business Certification from



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