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King Holder of Oceanside, CA is a former D1 football athlete turned entrepreneur. King is the Founder of PROCUSSION, the innovative recovery brand that created SURGE -- The World's First Dual-Head Massage Gun. King will be sharing his insights on topics such as business development, branding, cultural shifts, mental health, and more. When asked about his background, he says: "I'm from Oceanside, California. It’s one of those things where everyone from Oceanside has a certain level of toughness about them and we all grow up with deep pride for our city. I grew up in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with 6 people — my parents and three other siblings (my younger sister would stay with us part-time). Money was always tight for us, so at a young age I started finding things to trade or flip on Craigslist — cars, video games, motorcyles, — you name it. Because of these challenges at a young age, I learned to become resourceful which really helped when I transitioned into business. I'm excited to share my insights and hopefully help others achieve their dreams." View the link below to checkout the most recent content King has created for Rolling Stone.


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PROCUSSION is an innovative recovery technology brand (Founded by King Holder) that is quickly becoming a staple for professional athletes and weekend warriors around the globe. PROCUSSION devices are designed to relieve pain & stiffness, improve mobility, enhance athletic performance, and much more. This young, yet revolutionary brand is credited with creating SURGE -- The World's First Dual-Head Massage Gun, and The PULSE Vibrating Massage Ball.


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