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Kristin Marquet is an experienced publicist and business owner with a track record of over 14 years. As the creative director of Marquet Media, LLC, she takes charge of the company's day-to-day operations while spearheading client campaigns. Throughout her successful career, Kristin has forged valuable partnerships with renowned brands and notable entrepreneurs. Some of her esteemed collaborators include Amy Feind Reeves, a well-known author and entrepreneur; Michelle Lewis, a celebrity entrepreneur and podcaster; Angela Ficken, a psychotherapist and entrepreneur, among others. Together with her clients, Kristin has garnered media coverage in prestigious outlets such as,,, Wall Street Journal, and Kristin's educational background comprises rigorous data science, business, and public relations studies. She has pursued academic excellence at institutions like Boston University, New York University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and the Fast Company Executive Board.

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10 Ways to Ensure Your Company Can Adapt to Evolving Trends

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The only constant with trends is that they will inevitably change. In the culture space, what's in one day could be out the next. Trends are constantly changing, and the companies that build their business off trends may struggle to thrive once their particular trend has come and gone. However, it’s not unusual for companies to want to cater to what’s popular at the moment, offering what customers are most interested in at the time. The challenge then becomes how to adapt as these trends change. How can a business ensure it doesn't fail once a fad has passed? As business leaders in the culture space, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council have a few ideas. Here, they discuss 10 key tips for building a culture of adaptability in your company that will allow you to better respond to constant cultural change.

How to Create a Social Media Presence That Stands Up to the Competition's

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Cut through the noise by amplifying your unique story. Today, it seems that nearly everyone is on social media — and that includes businesses. With the majority of small businesses using social media to reach their audience, there’s a lot of competition when it comes to earning the attention of potential customers. This is why it’s so vital to find a way to stand out and cut through the digital noise. However, beyond creating viral videos or following the latest social media trend, there are a number of other, more meaningful ways to set your business apart. Here, nine business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council weigh in on some of the steps a business can take to ensure their social media presence stands out from the competition and engages their followers in a meaningful way.

10 Strategies for Better Business Decisions and Less Mental Exhaustion

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Taking care of yourself first ensures you can take care of your company better. Leading a business can be exhausting, but part of being a leader is showing up and giving your all each day, even when things aren’t going how you planned. Finding ways to increase your efficiency without creating more mental work for yourself can be a helpful way of lessening the mental strain that comes with being the boss. When it comes to decision fatigue, for example, there are specific strategies you can use to ensure you never cross that line of exhaustion, even on a busy day. Below, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council share some of those strategies, elaborating on how they go about making good decisions as leaders while protecting their mental well-being at the same time.

10 Ways Marketers Can Boost Engagement Among Disengaged Customers

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The first step to reengaging a customer is to remember that they’re human. Whether it’s due to a lack of perceived value or just a lack of time and money, customers can often fall off the wagon when it comes to interacting with and purchasing from brands. And while some customers disengaging can be normal, companies may begin to worry once a pattern starts to emerge.  So what can they do to reengage those customers they seem to have lost? What’s the most effective method? Below, 10 business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council share their insights on the marketing “hacks” or strategies companies can use to boost engagement among disengaged customers and pique their interest once again.

10 Lessons These Businesswomen Learned From Powerful Female Role Models

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Even the smallest advice can grow to have a big impact. In the business world, it’s not uncommon for aspiring entrepreneurs (and seasoned ones) to have someone they look up to or whom they hope to be like one day. While this person can often be a fellow entrepreneur or business leader, they can also be an everyday person — someone in their family, a friend or an inspiring acquaintance. Regardless of their role, their wisdom can have a profound effect on their ability to lead and have the confidence to do so. Below, 10 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council share the lessons they’ve learned from powerful female leaders in their life or their industry, the impact those lessons had on them and why these lessons remain so important to them today.

Building a Website? Nine Considerations Business Owners Should Make

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Prioritizing your website is prioritizing the happiness of your customers. A website is, more or less, the “face” of any business. It’s where your customers can learn more about your brand and products, where they can peruse your offerings and, if you’re an online-only brand, it’s the only opportunity they have to make a purchase. Because of this, business leaders who don’t put a high priority on both the beauty and functionality of their websites are at a distinct disadvantage among their competition, and potential customers may not stick around long with a poor user experience. To ensure your business website meets and exceeds customer expectations, you’ll need to consider the following nine factors, as suggested by the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Here, they go in depth on the reasoning behind these considerations and why prioritizing them will have a positive impact on your visitors.

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Marquet Media, LLC is an award-winning, New York-based PR, analytics, design, and digital marketing agency. From advising start-up companies on raising capital to guiding established organizations looking to bring a new product to market, reposition themselves, or generate mainstream press, we have worked with clients across all media platforms. We work with each one of our clients independently to create media opportunities that will help them achieve their business and communication objectives – both on budget and on time. Throughout the last 15 years, we’ve launched over 1,000 brands.



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