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Kristin Marquet is an experienced publicist and business owner with a track record of over 14 years. As the creative director of Marquet Media, LLC, she takes charge of the company's day-to-day operations while spearheading client campaigns. Throughout her successful career, Kristin has forged valuable partnerships with renowned brands and notable entrepreneurs. Some of her esteemed collaborators include Amy Feind Reeves, a well-known author and entrepreneur; Michelle Lewis, a celebrity entrepreneur and podcaster; Angela Ficken, a psychotherapist and entrepreneur, among others. Together with her clients, Kristin has garnered media coverage in prestigious outlets such as,,, Wall Street Journal, and Kristin's educational background comprises rigorous data science, business, and public relations studies. She has pursued academic excellence at institutions like Boston University, New York University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and the Fast Company Executive Board.

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10 Lessons These Businesswomen Learned From Powerful Female Role Models

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Even the smallest advice can grow to have a big impact. In the business world, it’s not uncommon for aspiring entrepreneurs (and seasoned ones) to have someone they look up to or whom they hope to be like one day. While this person can often be a fellow entrepreneur or business leader, they can also be an everyday person — someone in their family, a friend or an inspiring acquaintance. Regardless of their role, their wisdom can have a profound effect on their ability to lead and have the confidence to do so. Below, 10 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council share the lessons they’ve learned from powerful female leaders in their life or their industry, the impact those lessons had on them and why these lessons remain so important to them today.

Building a Website? Nine Considerations Business Owners Should Make

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Prioritizing your website is prioritizing the happiness of your customers. A website is, more or less, the “face” of any business. It’s where your customers can learn more about your brand and products, where they can peruse your offerings and, if you’re an online-only brand, it’s the only opportunity they have to make a purchase. Because of this, business leaders who don’t put a high priority on both the beauty and functionality of their websites are at a distinct disadvantage among their competition, and potential customers may not stick around long with a poor user experience. To ensure your business website meets and exceeds customer expectations, you’ll need to consider the following nine factors, as suggested by the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Here, they go in depth on the reasoning behind these considerations and why prioritizing them will have a positive impact on your visitors.

Seven Easy Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Valued

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A personal touch can go a long way toward making your customers happy. As their business grows, it’s all too easy for business owners to get swept up in the numbers and forget that there are real people behind their profits. If they want to continue to succeed, it’s key that they make their customers feel valued and that they truly care about them and their experience with the brand.  There are a multitude of ways to do this, from simply listening to customer feedback to providing excellent customer service, but it’s often a combination of methods that makes the biggest difference in how customers feel. Below, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council draw on their experiences working with customers to offer up seven of the top ways businesses can make customers feel valued and ensure they return to your business again and again.

12 Ways Introverts Can Become Successful Leaders in the Culture Space

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Introverts bring a unique set of skills to the table that other leaders may not possess. When frequent networking, public speaking and an outgoing personality are so often praised as necessary for effective leadership, it can be difficult for introverts to see themselves running a business. But extroverts aren’t the only ones who have great ideas to share with the world, and it’s just as important for introverts to have their voices heard in the business space. By honoring their strengths — like listening and empathy — introverts can not only be effective leaders but great ones as well. Below, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their best tips to introverts looking to lead a successful business in the culture space and explain why they can do it just as well as anyone else can.

Seven Not-So-Obvious Signs You Should Scale Your Business

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Scaling sustainably is all about the right timing. Running a business is all about taking risks, and so it may not always be clear when or how you should make a move. However, that doesn’t mean business is a guessing game. With data, personal experience or the experience of others at your disposal, you can make smart, educated decisions about the steps your business should take next. When it comes to scaling your business, though, timing is everything. Thankfully, there are signs you can watch for that will help you determine the best time to expand and the right speed of growth. Below, the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council offer their guidance as they discuss seven signs that it may in fact be time to scale your business and what a leader should do upon noticing any of these signs.

Nine Ways to Ensure Your Brand Is Resonating With Your Customers

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To appeal to your customers, you have to speak their language. Nothing is more powerful in communicating your brand’s purpose, mission and vision than your brand’s voice. What you say and how you say it is paramount to how people view your brand and choose whether or not they would like to become a customer. This means if your brand’s voice and messaging aren’t resonating with your audience, you may not be bringing in the amount of sales you need to sustainably grow your business. To ensure you’re not missing the mark, consider the following advice from the business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Here, they offer their top tips for sharpening your brand’s voice and communicating with customers in a way that they will identify with and appreciate.

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Marquet Media, LLC is an award-winning, New York-based PR, analytics, design, and digital marketing agency. From advising start-up companies on raising capital to guiding established organizations looking to bring a new product to market, reposition themselves, or generate mainstream press, we have worked with clients across all media platforms. We work with each one of our clients independently to create media opportunities that will help them achieve their business and communication objectives – both on budget and on time. Throughout the last 15 years, we’ve launched over 1,000 brands.



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