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An accomplished senior executive with a unique blend of innovative agility and proven experience driving enterprise value for over 25+ years as a senior business executive and a board advisor. Passionate about translating market disruption into competitive growth for legacy business platforms and innovative new business models that expand markets and profitability. Recognized expert in market-driven innovation, AI/digital transformation, effective organizations, and creative partnerships / M&A. Able to rapidly drive competitive impact based on uncommon blend of personal capabilities and global networks developed from a unique 25+ year career path as a global growth executive who has a track record of measurable success in B2B, B2C and Investor-led organizations. Lived and worked in multiple geographies - leading strategic planning, investment portfolios, and operations spanning 45+ countries. Broad domain expertise with deep experience in industrial and product manufacturing, construction, healthcare, CPG, Food and professional services. Board experience and expertise includes governance, enterprise risk management, global acquisitions and profitable exits. SPECIALTIES: Global New Products, Markets & Channels; Innovation; Digital Transformation, Strategic Problem Solving; Restructuring; Market/Product Re-invention/positioning; International Business

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11 Cultural Developments These Entrepreneurs Are Excited to See Realized in 2022

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The new year has the potential to spark major innovation across various industries. Regardless of a business’s particular niche or industry, there are always exciting developments, innovations or trends on the horizon. As the new year brings a fresh new start, it also brings with it the anticipation many entrepreneurs feel as they look forward to the ideas they hope will become reality in the coming months ahead. The business leaders of Rolling Stone Culture Council are no exception to the excitement, and below they each share one development or innovation they’re hoping to see come to fruition in their respective industries in 2022.

12 Strategies to Help Your Company Stay Ahead of the Trends

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To be a trendsetter, you have to put in the work upfront. With trends always coming and going, it can seem like businesses are always just trying to catch up with the next big thing. But to be a true innovator, you’ll need to get ahead of the trends and maybe even set a few for yourself. In order for your business to be the first to capitalize on upcoming trends in your industry — and earn the respect and consumer attention that follows — consider these strategies recommended by the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council. Implementing even one could give you a major head start with the competition.

13 Smart Strategies for Creating Content That Rises Above the Noise

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The demand for content has never been higher, but to stand out, you need to provide real value to your audience. The adage "content is king" exists for a reason, and nearly every modern business has taken it to heart. It's easier than ever to publish your thoughts and perspectives on multiple online channels. However, with the sheer volume of content, it's hard to break through the noise and get your voice heard. So how do you accomplish this feat as a business? Follow the advice of these Rolling Stone Culture Council members who shared their tips for creating content that stands out from the crowd.

Nine Business Leaders Predict the Next Big Step for the Post-Pandemic Gig Economy

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The gig economy’s success boomed during Covid-19, but what trends will we see afterward? At a time when an act as simple as leaving the house felt unsafe, services provided by companies like DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart, etc. became critical to consumers just trying to go about their daily lives. The pandemic changed the way customers buy and businesses sell, but what will its lasting impact be on the gig economy? To offer their professional insights, nine leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council share their predictions for the future of this booming industry and why it may or may not be just as vital moving forward.

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