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Lisa Weser

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Columbus, Ohio Area

As the former head of U.S. Marketing Communications at AB InBev (Budweiser), Lisa made the pivot from Queen of Beers to The Cannabis Publicist™ in 2018. She founded Trailblaze, an elite cannabis communications agency, to bring a more sophisticated “big CPG” storytelling approach to a nascent industry. From the High Times to The New York Times, Lisa and her team put next-generation brands on the map with strategic, results-focused communications strategies and targeted mainstream media relations.


  • Marketing Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Design and Strategy


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Trailblaze is an elite and highly specialized communications agency building a new generation of cannabis, psychedelic, and wellness brands. Our professional, seasoned team of strategists and media relations experts marry years of experience inside leading CPG corporations and creative agencies with deep expertise in legal cannabis, as well as emergent categories such as psychedelic medicine. The result is a highly specialized boutique practice wholly focused on supporting the unique needs of growing cannabis and wellness companies seeking to put their businesses on the map and capture the attention of mainstream consumers, retailers, and investors.


  • Public Relations
  • Brand Marketing
  • Consumer Goods