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Lynn Rosenthal uses every available tool to inform, inspire, entertain and empower global audiences. As CEO and Founder of Periscape, Inc., a first-of-its kind Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality experience center, Lynn works passionately to bring innovative XR experiences to high-profile locations around the world. Periscape’s mission centers on the future of retail. The company specializes in taking world-class locations and transforming them into sought-after lifestyle destinations by harnessing the power of creative storytelling and experiential technology. Periscape’s VR Experience Center launched at John F. Kennedy International Airport in June 2018. First to concept, Periscape garnered rare global media attention right out of the box for launching the first truly scalable high-end XR distribution platform in the world. Periscape was a finalist in 2019 for Rising VR Company of The Year at The VR Awards and won The USA Today Audience Award for Best Airport Experience/Amenity. Lynn is known for solving the biggest challenges with a rare blend of daring, humor, marketing savvy, industry knowledge, and strategic thinking that unfailingly results in stellar creative execution. As a leading woman in tech, Lynn has been a featured speaker and panelist globally. In addition to her role at Periscape, Lynn is also the CEO of Rosenthal Media, an immersive media consulting firm that specializes in developing and elevating media for brands using strategic campaigns and ground-breaking experiences. Known as a T-shaped thinker, Lynn is an expert at strategic thinking, solving her clients’ biggest marketing challenges by delivering a well-crafted story across constantly changing new and emerging media platforms. Lynn delivers media campaigns that are inventive, engaging, and 100% consistent in messaging and branding. She works with global companies, middle-market brands, artists and designers, as well as Grammy, Emmy and Oscar-winning talent to create strategic solutions to improve brand awareness and bottom lines. Known for delivering consistent and insights-driven social strategies, her capabilities include core branding, original content, video production, website/mobile development, social media marketing, mobile strategies and publicity. Lynn served as Producer on Columbia Pictures “Nickel & Dime”, Executive Producer on numerous television movies including “A Thousand Men and a Baby” for CBS, which was one of the highest rated movies of the year and The “West Side Waltz” which featured six Oscar winners including Shirley MacLaine, Kathy Bates and Liza Minnelli for CBS and Co-Producer on “Marilyn Monroe: Life After Death” for Showtime. Lynn originally honed her skills as a comedy writer for Joan Rivers, Sam Kinison and Flip Wilson. (I was the Executive Producer on The West Side Waltz. Is it clear?) Lynn serves on the Young President’s Organization (YPOGLA) Executive Committee and Chief Technology Officer, as Co-Chair on the Travel, Tourism and Culture Committee for the VRAR Association and is the Co-Chair on the AIXR LBE Advisory Committee. Her passion for philanthropy runs deep. She has served on broad array of boards over the years. She currently Co-Chairs an annual event for Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) and serves on the Music Center’s Blue Ribbon Committee. Lynn lives in Los Angeles with her husband and mischievous German Shepherd.

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Periscape is an immersive and interactive entertainment company focused on location-based virtual reality experiences. It is the only luxury LBE VR distribution platform. We curate best-of-class experiences tailored to audiences by location. At JFK T4 and Indianapolis Airports, we bring joy to bored, stressed travelers of all ages, genders, nationalities. First-to-market as the first VR Experience Center in an airport launching at JFK, our freestanding VR Towers consist of 12 stations designed with travelers' security, awareness & customer experience in mind. 2000 travelers visited us the first week. Stressed, bored passengers immersed in VR immediately became joyful. Our 2.0 VR towers, designed by Gensler, ship plug-and-play, are easy to deploy and relocate, offer best-of-class content, are fully-automated, remotely-managed VR tech that presents content through an impeccably designed user experience. It’s portable with built-in Cleanbox tech which kills the coronavirus on headsets and controllers. Lightweight, more durable and portable than at startup. A captivating sizzle reel displayed on a 6-foot screen attracts customers. Once in headset, audio & video cues guide a self-serve experience in multiple languages. We offer content and ops easily updatable over-the-internet, remote operations management, including a CMS, usage tracking & technical support. Our large screens show users in-headset experience to entice passersby. New facial recognition reads emotions providing valuable feedback for advertisers. Each tower can have 1-4 sides, easily snaps together for tailored configuration. We are a turn-key solution, deployable anywhere. We plan to expand globally to new locations in malls, hotels, stadiums, museums, casinos, exhibitors, luxury theaters, concerts, cruise ships and theme parks. A tested and refined product, combined with unique and compelling content deployed in high-traffic locations with key scaling partners.



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