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I'm the Vice President of Marketing at TruGolf, Inc. I bring an analytical and innovative perspective to business strategy. Starting out, I cut my Strategic Communications teeth as a PR Specialist for PBS Utah. After successful tenures in television, live music, and digital gaming, I have since pursued his lifelong dream of being a Professional-Golf-Nerd within the rapidly growing Golf Technology Industry.

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Nine Ways These Industries Are Responding to the Push for Eco-Friendly Business Practices

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Industries are feeling the pressure to adapt to consumer demand for sustainable practices — and failing to keep up could mean losing market share. As consumer demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products and practices continues to rise, industries across the board are being forced to adapt and innovate. Companies that fail to keep up with this shift risk losing market share and falling behind the competition. As leaders in the culture space, the members of Rolling Stone Culture Council see how consumer demand for sustainability is affecting cultural industries and, here, discuss some of the innovations and changes that are on the horizon. By understanding the impact of sustainability on their industry, companies can position themselves for success in a rapidly evolving market.

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Since 1983, TruGolf has been passionate about driving the golf industry with innovative indoor golf solutions. Our mission is to help grow the game by making it more Available, Approachable, and Affordable through technology - because we believe Golf is for Everyone. TruGolf's team has built award-winning video games (“Links”), innovative hardware solutions, and an all-new e-sports platform to connect golfers around the world with E6 CONNECT. We invite you to experience our newest range of products - from our leading edge Launch Monitor APOGEE to the next generation of E6 CONNECT, the most realistic simulation software on the market. Since TruGolf’s beginning, we have continued to define and redefine what is possible with golf technology.



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