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Helping brands, startups and influencers in the Esports and Gaming Industry 🎮 🌍 Collecting Disney NFTs and conquering the Web3 Metaverse!

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11 Effective Ways to Break Down Work Silos and Encourage Collaboration

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Silos can often hamper collaboration, but with the right strategies, you can start working together more effectively. In today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, collaboration has become an essential skill for teams to succeed. While individual focus time is crucial, many projects require a diverse range of perspectives and skill sets to come to fruition. However, breaking down the silos that exist between team members and departments and often hinder this success can be challenging. Leaders must create an environment that fosters collaboration by encouraging open communication, promoting cross-functional teams and implementing collaborative tools and practices. To help you do this, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members explain how leaders and their teams can break down silos and become better collaborators.

10 Practical Ways to Experiment With New Ideas and Minimize Risk

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At a time when most businesses are in "survival mode," it can pay to be the one that's taking risks and innovating. Running a business in the middle of a lingering pandemic, rising costs and the threat of a recession can be a daunting task for any leader. With survival as the top priority, the idea of experimenting and breaking the mold can seem like a luxury that cannot be afforded. However, businesses that want to stay relevant and competitive must continue to innovate and explore new ideas. Below, 10 Rolling Stone Culture Council members discuss some practical ways that leaders can continue to experiment and break the mold while still keeping their businesses afloat during uncertain times. By implementing these strategies, businesses can not only survive but also thrive in the face of adversity.

My Thoughts on How Creators Are Shifting the Scales and Gaining Power in Gaming


As more content creators realize the power they hold, the scales are shifting toward the individual over the collective. 

12 Practical Ways to Forge New Connections When You're Battling Zoom Fatigue

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Even if you're feeling video call burnout, there are ways to motivate yourself to connect in the digital world. With the pandemic still ongoing, it’s difficult to know when the world will return to “normal" and in-person networking can resume. Until then, many professionals will remain working — and connecting — fully remotely, which can lead to the dreaded burnout known as "Zoom fatigue." In this distant environment, finding the motivation to forge connections day after day can be a monumental task. To help, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council members shared a few networking strategies that have worked well for them when they’re not in the mood to connect.

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AFK Group

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AFK Creators is an international talent management and influencer marketing agency specialising in the esports and gaming industry. We design and execute creative marketing opportunities that deliver results for our clients, and help brands to navigate the ever-changing landscape.



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